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Proof-of-concept production

Proof-of-concept Production

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Applications assessed by the Screen Tasmania Expert Advisory Group
Applications decided by Screen Tasmania
Applications accepted at the March closing date each year

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This program is aimed at fast-tracking market attachment of projects in development by providing funding for production of a part of a project to demonstrate its viability to financiers to financiers.

What is the program?

This program is supported by the Screen Innovation Fund. It provides production funding for a project at draft script stage or equivalent and requires the delivery of both written materials and audio-visual footage, whether that be test footage, a single scene, short version, sizzle reel, or something else. It is deliberately and explicitly focussed on taking proof of concept material for a developing project to the market and, thereby attracting third-party investment for future production. It is expected that applicants will be experienced and have proven their ability to deliver high-quality projects and attract market interest. As such only corporate entities are eligible to apply.

Screen Tasmania reserves the right to vary these guidelines as necessary. In exceptional circumstances, Screen Tasmania also reserves the right to waive some requirements.

What is funded?

The development and proof of concept must be for a project ultimately intended for production in Tasmania, which will provide clear and demonstrable benefits to the Tasmanian screen production industry.

Projects can be:

  • intended for theatrical, online, broadcast, or digital delivery
  • linear narrative drama (including comedy), or documentary or factual
  • live action, animation, or hybrid
  • intended for adults or children.

In this program, Screen Tasmania can only fund:

  • series with episodes of at least a commercial half-hour, or a commercial quarter-hour for children’s programming, or
  • single episode projects of at least a commercial hour (including features).

Projects developing as short-form series should apply for ‘short-form series booster’ through the Project Development program.

What is offered?

Screen Tasmania will provide $25 000 ($15 000 for documentary and factual projects, recognising the differing cost structures for factual projects) as a non-recoupable grant for the production and post production of a small proportion of the project to a highly professional standard, and continued development of written material. For scripted projects, it is anticipated that $15 000 would be for production, and $10 000 for development, but this will vary based on the extent to which the project has already been developed.

In all cases, the outcome of the funding should be a package of written documentation and audio-visual material sufficient to attract and attach marketplace participants. It is up to the applicant to outline their proposed deliverables.

The funding cannot cover purchase of equipment or software, or simple reformatting of an existing project.


In addition to meeting the general eligibility criteria detailed in the General Guidelines, in all categories, applicants must be:

  • a company incorporated in Australia, which is carrying on business in Australia and has its central management and control in Australia, and
  • the producer and holder of the appropriate rights to produce the project.

In all cases, an experienced practitioner (as defined in the General Guidelines) must be attached to the project in a key creative role (producer, writer or director).

Non-Tasmanian production companies may apply, however there must be at least one Tasmanian resident attached as a key creative (producer, writer and/or director). In addition, a Tasmanian resident (individual or company) must retain some right to the intellectual property in the project.

Projects unsuccessful in applying to this program will be ineligible to apply in future rounds. If the project is changed significantly from that submitted for this program, it remains eligible for the Project Development program.

What are the assessment criteria?

In addition to the information detailed in the General Guidelines, applications will be assessed on:

  • the viability of the project, having regard to current market conditions and audience profile
  • the extent to which the proposed delivered items are likely to attract market finance and the thoroughness and practicality of the marketing plan, and the production-readiness of the proposed proof-of-concept
  • the strength, quality and originality of the concept/story idea, the quality of the writing as evidenced in the submitted written materials
  • the strength and experience of the team, and the likelihood that their experience will both advance the project to marketplace attachment and deliver the proof-of-concept, and
  • the quality and rigour of the development notes.

Special conditions

Further to the assessment processes outlined in the General Guidelines, we may seek a report from an independent consultant (such as a writer, script editor or producer) to assist with assessing the application against the above criteria. The report will be presented to the applicant for comment.

Screen Tasmania will not fund the acquisition of rights, option agreements or legal fees, so any such costs must be borne by the applicant.

Because this program is entirely market-focussed, within six months of delivery the applicant must provide a market report outlining the work undertaken in taking the project to the market and the success or otherwise of that work. While no milestone payment will be conditional on this report, applicants or principals who have failed to fulfil that requirement are ineligible for any other Screen Tasmania funding.

While this funding is a non-recoupable grant, and Screen Tasmania does not retain any intellectual property, standard credit requirements apply (as outlined in the General Guidelines).

6. How do I apply?

These guidelines should be read in conjunction with Screen Tasmania’s Terms of Trade and General Guidelines. This is a rolling program and applications will be considered at the closing date. For more information on specific closing dates visit our Deadlines page.

Applicants must speak to Screen Tasmania’s Development Manager to discuss their project before submitting an application. Please call Screen Tasmania on 03 6165 5070 to arrange a meeting.

Applications must be lodged through the applications portal.