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Film in Tasmania

Tasmania - Australia's island state - offers an amazing range of landscapes and production location opportunities in a compact environment.

Tasmania's rugged, ancient beauty commands attention. Its vast tracts of World Heritage wilderness are unparalleled in Australia. From wild mountain ranges, remote plateaux and magical forests to colonial towns and rural areas. Click here for general information about Tasmanian destinations.

Screen Tasmania can also help with crew, accommodation, equipment, catering and most importantly, local knowledge.

We can also provide details for casting agents, local authorities regarding permits, weather conditions and much more.

For assistance finding locations in Tasmania, crew, or bringing a production here, please contact Jane Stapleton on (03) 616 55075 or email

The following links will take you to external sites that may provide useful information when considering filming in Tasmania.


Daylight hours

Tasmania’s longest day of the year sees over 15 hours of sunlight, while its shortest has nine hours.

Sunset and sunrise times are available here

Daylight saving commences at 2:00am on the first Sunday in October, when people put their clocks forward by one hour. Daylight saving ends on the first Sunday in April. 

Travel times

Tasmania’s compact size makes it an easy place to travel by car. It has a small population and there are very few freeways but the two-lane roads are mostly well-maintained and the traffic is light.

For other information, email Screen Tasmania or call (03) 616 55075