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August 2007

Funding Approvals - August 2007

Production Investment

Applicant: Roar Film Pty Ltd
Executive Producer: David Jowsey
Producer:Steve Thomas, Anita Maynard
Writer: Anita Maynard, Ricky Maynard, Mick Cummins
Director: Mick Cummins

Portrait of a Distant Land is a two half-hour documentary series about Tasmanian Aboriginal photographer Ricky Maynard and his journey to reveal his people's true history. For the first time, internationally acclaimed Maynard embarks on a journey across Tasmania as he seeks to document through his photographs, the 'true' story of his people.

Project Development

Feature Film
Title: PAINT
Applicant: RB Films
Producer: Rosemary Blight
Writer: John Honey
Director: Roger Hodgeman
Stage: Draft funding – 1st to 2nd draft
Approved amount: $13 000

Applicant: Yvette Blackwood
Writer: Yvette Blackwood & Polly McGee
Script Editor: Annette Blonski
Stage: Draft Funding – 1st to 2nd draft
Approved Amount: $15 000

Applicant: Wildheart Films
Producer: Andrena Findlay
Writer: Joanna Weinberg & Mark Lamprell
Director: Mark Lamprell
Stage: Draft Funding – 3rd to 4th draft
Approved Amount: $17 000

Applicant: Ra'uf Lucien Simon
Writer: Ra'uf Lucien Simon
Stage: Seed Funding - Treatment
Approved Amount: $9 000

TV Series/Cross Media
Applicant: Phillip Bowman
Producer: Phillip Bowman, Chris Roache
Writers: Chris Roache, Gabiann Marin, Ranald Allan
Script editor: Chris Roache
Stage: Draft Funding
Approved Amount: $25 000

Applicant: Jim Shomos
Producer: Jim Shomos
Writer: Franz Doherty & Belinda Bradley
Stage: Seed Funding
Approved Amount: $10 000

Industry and Cultural Development

An investment of $8 000 to the Mountain Film Festival. This international festival is held in Hobart every two years as part of the Mountain Festival. The Mountain Film Festival aims to celebrate culture and communities associated with mountains. It is planned for four days 13-16 March at the State Cinema

An investment of $10 000 for the AFI screenings. An annual event across the country with screenings in all states. The event promotes and provides access to Australian films and is an important industry event for showcasing new Australian films.

An investment of $10 000 for the Australian Documentary Conference 2008. The Australian International Documentary Conference (AIDC) is a key international industry event, which allows Australian independent documentary makers to develop the international networks which are vital to the future growth and health of the industry.

An investment of $13 605 for Tropfest. The investment supports Hobart's participation in the Sony Tropfest, Australia's largest short film festival/competition. It is an annual national, high profile event, well known as a vehicle for screening the short films of new and emerging film-makers.

An investment of $5 000 to the Portable Film Festival. The Portable Film Festival, through its website, provides a globally-marketed portal for screening films that have been made for portable devices; and through an initiative called the Portable Film Academy, provides skills development for young Australian film-makers.

An investment of $4 000 for Saturday Morning Film Club. This project is a Saturday morning lecture and film screening followed by discussion curated by well-respected film academic and critic, Jonathon Dawson. This project will be an important regular fixture on the Hobart film audience calendar fostering academic and intellectual debate over a range of films.

Grant funding of $119 750 to Wide Angle Tasmania, to provide funds to co-ordinate and deliver training programs and support industry by providing up to date equipment over 2007 and 2008. Screen Tasmania supports Wide Angle to help grow an industry skills base by providing opportunities for local film makers to develop new skills, access equipment, network, discover opportunities for collaboration and to access information and advice. Wide Angle is an essential part of the state's filmmaking infrastructure providing low cost equipment and facilities hire for practical filmmaking and training opportunities.

The recently allocated funds will be used to provide the following services and fund equipment purchases:

Supporting the Screen Arts Community:
This includes providing a professional training and development program, screenings, and maintaining and building relationships. Program outputs for the 15 month period include targets of eight basic and intermediate technical training courses (minimum of 40 attendees), three master classes (total of 18 attendees), 10 public screenings (audience of 300), three seminars with industry professionals (75 attendees) and two industry consultations (north and south of the state); plus overseeing the production of five short films (Raw Nerve initiative).

Production Equipment Affordable Access Scheme:
Wide Angle's current inventory of equipment for hire includes three chip cameras, lighting (two sets of redheads), sound equipment and an Avid off-line system for post-production. Advice has been provided by a sub-committee of the Wide Angle board and have identified a need to purchase the following new equipment:

2 x HD cameras
2 x Final Cut Pro + Mac Pro & software equipment

Strategic Projects:
The funds will also be used to deliver the following projects with various strategic partners:

Raw Nerve, in association with the Australian Film Commission and Screen Development Australia:
Emerging filmmakers work with industry professionals on the development of their creative concepts. The program spans the complete filmmaking process from initial concept through script editing, pre-production, production and post-production. The program also incorporates mentoring and training by industry professionals.

Summer Screen Safari with the Mountain Film Festival:
The aim of this project is to produce a series of short documentaries that explore the unique, dark and Gothic mythology of Tasmania. Six participants will be taken through the complete process of making their films by the two mentors. The AFC will be approached for $2 500 as well as Screen Tasmania. This will be a partnership with the Hobart Mountain Festival and the best films will be screened within the festival. Rachel Lucas (Bondi Tsunami) and Matt Newton will be the mentors.

Short film distribution support with the Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS):
partnership with AFTRS to set up a system that will assist short filmmakers understand and access key markets.