February 2008
February 2008

Funding Approvals - February 2008

Project Development

Feature Films
Applicant: Jim Shomos
Producer: Jim Shomos
Writers: Belinda Bradley & Franz Doherty
Director: Clayton Jacobson
Stage: Draft funding - 2nd to 3rd draft
Approved amount: $17,500

TV Series
Applicant: Christine Green
Writer: Christine Green
Script Editor: Ben Michael
Stage: Seed Funding
Approved amount: $10,000

Applicant: Roar Film Pty Ltd
Producer: Steve Thomas, Kath Symmons, Phil Craig
Writer/Director: Steve Thomas
Stage: Seed Funding
Approved Amount: $10,000

Digital Media
Applicant: Joffre Street Productions
Producer: Bruce Moyle
Content Creators: Bruce Moyle, Christian Rattray, David Quinn, Dion Brooks, Nate Burr
Mentors: Matt Costello, Joe Velikovsky
Stage: Seed funding
Approved Amount: $10,000

Industry and Cultural Development

St Kilda Film Festival
A grant of $4 000 to enable the prestigious St Kilda Film Festival* to include Tasmania in its national touring program. This event is celebrating its 25th year in Melbourne and its eighth as a touring program. This will be the first time that the tour includes the two regional centres of Zeehan and Wynyard as well as Hobart.

* Applicants are based in Tasmania except where marked with an asterisk. Applications originating from outside the state have demonstrated in the assessment process a significant benefit to Tasmania, economically, culturally or through practitioner development opportunities not otherwise available.














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