Ross Grayson Bell - High Concept Seminar
Ross Grayson Bell - High Concept Seminar

Ross Grayson Bell - High Concept Seminar

AFTRS, Screen Tasmania and Wide Angle Tasmania invite you to join Ross Grayson Bell, the Australian-born producer of FIGHT CLUB and now the Head of Screenwriting at AFTRS, for an evening seminar exploring high concept film.

"Australian filmmakers have embraced ‘High Concept,’ millions around the globe have flocked to see those stories. From three drag queens in the outback, to a pig that wants to be a sheep dog, ‘High Concept’ films have worked for us in the past and will do so again." Ross Greyson-Bell

The seminar will explore a number of issues including;

  • What constitutes a ‘High Concept’ film
  • How filmmakers can take an idea from just a concept to a ‘High Concept’
  • The history and success of ‘High Concept’ films in Australia and around the world (including UK and the US)
  • How we can capture an audience’s attention, whether the audience is a financier/funding body or the movie-going public.

Event details:

  • Cost - free admission
  • Venue - Peacock Theatre, Salamanca, Hobart
  • When - 6pm - 9pm Wednesday 21 September 2011.

Ross Grayson Bell is the producer behind the ground-breaking feature film Fight Club and the executive producer of Under Suspicion where he united Gene Hackman and Morgan Freeman on the remake of the French film, Garde A Vue.

Having created his own production company in Los Angeles in 1993, Atman Entertainment, Ross formed producing partnerships with Winona Ryder, Jamie Foxx, Lawrence Bender and Joshua Donen and has worked with the directors, David Fincher, Gillian Armstrong, Pedro Almodovar, Gore Verbinski, Sam Raimi, John Maybury, Stephen Hopkins and Roger Corman.

Since his adaptation of Tom Spanbauer's novel, The Man Who Fell in Love with the Moon, landed him on the British List of Best Unproduced Screenplays, Ross has focused on screenwriting and has been commissioned to adapt Mark Leech's autobiography, A Product of the System for Peter Gabriel's Real World Pictures and the story of Barry Cox, I'd Like to teach the world to Sing in Perfect Cantonese for BBC Films.

Prior to his move to Hollywood in 1989, Ross worked in his native Australia on the films; Sweet Talker and The First Kangaroos and the TV series Willessee's Australians and Dolphin Cove.


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