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Screen Tasmania

Traineeships and attachments grants

The program provides a four to twelve week paid attachment for Tasmanian screen practitioners in either linear content production or games development.

There are four funding program streams. Please read the Traineeships and Attachments Guidelines before discussing with Screen Tasmania.

Traineeships and attachments

Tasmanian lead* attachments

More about Tasmanian lead* attachments

Tasmanian crew attachments

More about Tasmanian crew attachments

Tasmania crew trainees

More about Tasmania crew trainees

Interstate placements

More about Interstate placements

* The term ‘key creatives’ or ‘leads’ refers to the personnel responsible for the creative shape of the project. In narrative screen content, it ordinarily refers to the producers, writers and directors; in games development, it refers to leads in the areas of production, design, art and programming.

A traineeship is targeted, specialist training designed to prepare the trainee for paid employment in a designated role on the production. An attachment is an additional role on the production, specifically for the attachee to learn and work within a department on a production for a defined period.

Successful attachment or traineeship applicants may be shortlisted for consideration according to relevant skills and qualifications required for the attachment as requested by a production company. The shortlist will be provided for the production company’s consideration and the production company will make the final decision on attachment or traineeship allocation.

Applications for traineeships and attachments are opened when opportunities become available. If you wish to organise your own attachment place, please contact Screen Tasmania for advice.

An interstate production company which is developing a screen project with a Tasmanian key creative and intends to apply for/or has received Project Development funding may apply for an attachment to build the professional relationship with the Tasmanian practitioner.

Screen Tasmania requires production companies to provide mandatory attachment places as part of our Production Investment Agreements. Funding is not available to support mandatory attachments but the eligibility and assessment criteria outlined below also apply to these attachments.

Mandatory attachments are often not advertised as the production companies are responsible for these appointments, subject to Screen Tasmania approval.


In addition to meeting the general eligibility criteria detailed in the General guidelines, each applicant must:

  • be a Tasmanian screen practitioner who has a demonstrated commitment to a career as a key creative in drama, comedy, factual, documentary or games development, or as a professional crewmember in screen or game production
  • be a Tasmanian resident (for Tax or Electoral Office purposes) for at least six months before applying
  • be able to commit for a period of four to twelve weeks for any attachment or the duration of production for a traineeship.

Note that in some cases, attachments or traineeships may be advertised as only for people of a specific background. This may be undertaken, for example, on gender, identification as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person, or other diversity grounds to advance inclusiveness and diversity in the Tasmanian screen industry.