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5. Games development

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5. Games development

Applications assessed by Screen Tasmania Expert Advisory Group
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This program aims to boost the development of interactive screen content from Tasmanians, in order to support innovation and creativity across the state.

What is the program?

This is Screen Tasmania’s program for the development of interactive screen projects – both narrative and non-narrative – for all digital platforms. It encourages Tasmanians to develop, adopt and exploit new and emerging business models for the creation and delivery of compelling screen content, with a focus on the creation and retention of Tasmanian intellectual property.

The program will enable applicants to either release a finished product or attract further development and/or production investment from the marketplace. The program encourages applicants to demonstrate an entrepreneurial approach by exploring new and emerging business models and potential revenue streams.

What is funded?

Funding is available for interactive narrative and non-narrative screen projects for all digital platforms.

Screen Tasmania can fund projects in two stages:

  • Conceptual design, which includes scoping, character and level design, proof of concept, production of a Games Design Document (GDD), or development of a ‘vertical slice’ of the project, and
  • Game development, which is the development and marketing of the finished interactive project to launch and beyond.

Screen Tasmania cannot fund:

  • the purchase of equipment or software
  • projects that solely re-format traditional media content, or
  • interactive screen projects which solely provide:
    • utilities or services
    • education, or
    • information.

What is offered?

For Conceptual design applications:

  • a maximum grant of $10 000 per project for the development of concept/scoping documents and prototypes and/or the production of proof-of-concept or beta content.

For Game development applications Screen Tasmania can provide a grant, which is recoupable proportional to its investment:

  • A maximum amount of $30 000 per project where a project is production-ready and its potential end user/target market and revenue streams can be confidently quantified. Screen Tasmania will not provide more than 50% of the development costs of the project (the value of in-kind services can be included in an applicant’s finance plan). Screen Tasmania will recoup our support pro-rata pari passu with other investors until the approved amount is repaid in full with a 10% premium
  • in exceptional circumstances for advanced projects with substantial third-party investment, Screen Tasmania can provide up to $300 000 as a recoupable equity investment in which we will recoup our investment pro-rata pari passu with other investors. In such circumstances, terms and conditions of our investment, and assessment of applications, will be consistent with linear projects and applications should be lodged through the Production Investment program.

Depending on individual requirements, Screen Tasmania’s Business and Production Manager and Development Manager will provide assistance, advice and support to the applicant/team throughout the creative development, packaging and financing stages of the project to support it in advancing into production.


Applicants may apply to each stage once only. In addition to meeting the eligibility criteria detailed in the General Guidelines, applicants must:

  • be a Tasmanian resident development or production company, or
  • for Conceptual design only, be a Tasmanian practitioner, as part of a Tasmanian-based team.

Note – this does not preclude a Tasmanian-based team working in conjunction with non-Tasmanians.

Projects must:

  • be substantially produced in Tasmania
  • include at least one team member with a lead credit in a previously a published interactive screen project relevant to the application.

What are the assessment criteria?

In addition to the information detailed in the General Guidelines, applications will be assessed on the following criteria:

For Conceptual design:

  • The strength of any story elements and the quality of the writing; the strength of gameplay elements
  • The professional record of the team, whose experience should be commensurate with the amount of funding requested.
  • The strength of an identified target audience, identifiable marketing and distribution opportunities, and the potential distribution platforms and revenue streams.
  • The scope of the project and the degree to which the concept is innovative, interactive and achievable.

Priority will be given to projects that have marketplace attachment.

For Game development:

(In addition to the above criteria for Conceptual design)

  • Evidence of potential end user/target audience or evidence of marketplace interest or bona fide investors.
  • The relevance of the project to Tasmanian stories or whether the project promotes opportunities for cultural engagement or interaction with Tasmanian communities.

How do I apply?

These guidelines should be read in conjunction with our Terms of Trade and General Guidelines.

Applications will be considered at any closing date. Visit our Deadlines page for more information.

Applicants must speak to Screen Tasmania’s Development Manager or Business and Production Investment Manager to discuss their project before submitting an application. Please call Screen Tasmania to arrange a meeting on 03 6165 5070.

Applications must be lodged through the Applications Portal.