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Screen Tasmania

July 2021

Other projects funded in the round will be announced as third party finance is secured.

Production Investment

2 Street 2 Racer - 6 x 5 mins comedy webseries ($40 000)

A One Stone Pictures production. Principal production funding from Screen Australia in association with Screen Tasmania.

  • Platform: YouTube
  • Production Company: One Stone Pictures Pty Ltd
  • Writers/Directors: Dylan Hesp, Michael O'Neill
  • Producer: Georgie Lewin
  • Executive: Producer Nathan Earl

Eighteen year old Taylor James is back, determined to cement his street racing legacy on Launceston’s infamous blockie route.

Bay of Fires – 8 x 56 mins drama series ($1 000 000 production investment and $500 000 regional grant)

  • Production Company: Archipelago Productions and Fremantle Australia
  • Broadcaster: ABC
  • Creators: Andrew Knight, Marta Dusseldorp, Max Dann
  • Executive Producers Greg Sitch, Chris Oliver-Taylor, Andrew Knight
  • Producers: Marta Dusseldorp, Yvonne Collins
  • Director: TBA
  • Writers: Andrew Knight, Max Dann, Sarah Bassiuoni
  • International Sales: Fremantle International

Stella Heikkenen’s fall from grace is as spectacular as it is life threatening. Betrayed by her own and in immediate danger - Stella has no option but to move her young family to the last place on earth anyone would expect.

Project Development – Advanced stage

The McLeods of Drovers Run - feature drama ($25 000)

  • Production company: Millennium Pictures Pty Limited
  • Writer/Producer: Posie Graeme-Evans
  • Producer: Sue Clothier

The origin story of how the first McLeods of Drovers Run began the legend.

Project Development – Intermediate stage

The Bible (working title) – 8 x 1 hr drama series ($15 000)

  • Consultant Producer: Jane Allen
  • Writers: Belinda Bradley, Franz Docherty

What starts as a joke, keeping a shared Bible of secrets, dreams and gossip, ends in a story of bloody revenge Piper and her friends can’t write themselves out of.

The Final Act – 8 x 1 hr drama series ($15 000)

  • Production company: Polaris Pictures Pty Ltd
  • Original Concept: Sue Clothier
  • Writer: Posie Graeme-Evans

Florence Broadhurst fabricated her life, but when she is brutally murdered, her friends and family are shocked by what they learn about her secret life.

Platypus Guardian – 1 hour documentary ($15 000)

  • Production company: Tetrapod Films Pty Ltd
  • Executive Producer: Chadden Hunter
  • Producers/Directors: Nick Hayward, Fraser Johnston

In a time of hardship Pete turns to the platypus for solace. Only to realise that it is the platypus that needs his help.

The Sunshine Project – feature drama ($15 000)

  • Production company: 28 Productions Pty Ltd
  • Producer: Christine Tan
  • Writer/Director: Roger Scott
  • Writer: Stu Willis

In an Earth cloaked in perpetual darkness, a young married couple live only for the moment. Unable to see a future for themselves or for humanity, they have no intentions of bringing children into this dark world. But when tragedy strikes, they reconsider this decision, and must find a way to light the darkness before it consumes them.

True – 40 x 15 min children’s animated musical drama ($15 000)

  • Production company: Blue Rocket Productions Pty Ltd
  • Executive Producer: David Gurney
  • Director: Tony Thorne
  • Writers: Nathan Maynard, Adam Thompson

An island girl… an outsider, is going to change the world one song at a time.

Project Development – Short-form series booster

Wild Child: A guide to adventure parenting – 8 x 20 min online documentary series ($25 000)

  • Production company: Madam Noonan Holdings Pty Ltd
  • Executive Producers: PJ Madam, Tim Noonan
  • Consulting Series Producer: Paula Bycroft

A couple’s attempt to give their son an adventurous life is met with obstacles, fears and challenges - most of which are theirs...

Proof of Concept Production

Dead Rabbit Trail – feature drama ($25 000)

  • Production company: Good Thing Productions Company Pty Ltd
  • Executive Producer: Justin Kurzel
  • Producers: Nick Batzias, Virginia Whitwell
  • Writer/ Director: Daniel Peek

A cop and his partner search a mountain range for two teens in the wake of a violent murder.

Leather & Latex Pty Ltd – 6 x 30 min drama series ($25 000)

  • Production company: Beyond Productions Pty Ltd
  • Executive Producer: Mikael Borglund
  • Producers: Tony Cavanaugh, Kate Fox
  • Director: Rebecca Thomson
  • Writer: Martine Delaney

Facing abject poverty, a once-wealthy mother and daughter try life as dominatrices to fix things. Except it's all quite sweaty, awkward and people can be very nasty.

The Weeping Tree – 1 hr documentary ($15 000)

  • Production company: Rummin Productions Pty Ltd
  • Executive Producer: Margie Jenkin
  • Producer: Catherine Pettman
  • Director: Matthew Newton
  • Writer: Jane Rawson

A deeply moving and engaging portrait of a vandemonian tree with the ability to survive blizzards, weep alcohol and bring grown men to tears.

Games Development – Conceptual Design

Rogue Tactics – Roguelike deck-builder for mobile and PC ($5 000)

  • Development studio: Hyperfocus Interactive Pty Ltd
  • Producer/Lead Programmer/Designer/Developer/Director: Kim Boulton
  • Art Director/UX/UI Designer/UI Programmer: Isaac Boulton
  • Lead Writer/Story Designer: Thomas Atkinson

A warlock possessed by an ancient artifact thrusts the world into chaos, while three chosen heroes embark on a quest to bring order back to the realm.

Infernal Graft – Hidden-object/stealth game for PCs ($10 000)

  • Development studio: Adam Walker Film
  • Producer: Adam Walker
  • Assistant Producer: Brayden Medhurst
  • Lead Programmer: Adam Reed
  • Lead Designer: Aldrich Tangpos

Infernal Graft will take the player on an eerie and dangerous journey through a town doomed for unleashing hell.