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Masters' Apprentices Writers Room Development Initiative

Masters' Apprentices Writers Room Development Initiative

The "Masters' Apprentices" is an exciting opportunity for emerging Tasmanian writers to work on Tasmanian production company, Sweet Potato Film's new TV drama series, Shrewsbury, created by Victoria Madden and Mike Jones.

Victoria Madden, the Tasmanian writer, producer, showrunner and co-creator of The Kettering Incident, has teamed up with Sydney-based writer/producer, Mike Jones (Wastelander Panda, The Transgression Cycle) and in May 2015, the pair received development investment funding from Screen Tasmania for their exciting new 6 x 1 hour drama series, set within the competitive world of Tasmanian wineries and loosely based on Shakespeare's Henry IV.

Now, in conjunction with Screen Tasmania, they are offering talented Tasmanian writers across all narrative forms including screenwriters, playwrights and novelists, the opportunity to work with them in the Writers' Room at the next stage of development.

Ms Madden writes: 

"In the first instance, we wil invite up to ten Tasmanian writes to take part in a weekend workshop, looking at the process of developing a TV show that includes multiple storylines, structure and theme work. Out of this workshop we will select up to four emerging writers to join us in the writers' room where we will be breaking the series arc and developing storylines for six episodes. From that point, if the Show Runner feels the participants have shown ability and commitment to the process, scene breakdowns will be commissioned with a view to continuing on to the scripting stage.

We are looking for people who want to learn and can work to deliver on a defined creative brief, and possess skills not only in writing but also in researching and contributing ideas in a rigorous writers' room process. People who have demonstrated a passion for a TV career will be foremost in our minds for the project.

We are keen to find people who are eager to embrace opportunities to expand a story into new media forms, concentrating on TV but who might also be interested in multi-media concepts."

Please note: the initial two-day workshop will take place in mid-to-late August and will be free to the participants who are invited to attend. The writers' attachments selected from this group to join Ms Madden and Mr Jones in the Writers' Room will receive an attachment fee of $100 per day, plus compensation for writing work undertaken remotely, if required. 

Tasmanian writers interested in being a part of this exciting development initiative, please submit to Screen Tasmania, a completed Expression of Interest, a CV and a 5 page sample of a dramatic script or other fictional work you have written.

Closing Date: COB Tuesday 30 June 2015

Applications must be sent to: 

Screen Tasmania recognises the potential of television series to contribute to industry sustainability and encourages the development of outstanding project that demonstrate strong market appeal.

Screen Tasmania also recognises that the growth of Tasmanian creative and craft talent is vital for the long-term growth of the screen industry in Tasmania.