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Documentary On The Big Screen

Documentary On The Big Screen

Bob Connolly is one of Australia’s leading documentary makers who made one of his early films, a 35mm cinema short created to show the audience what would be lost if the Franklin River was flooded to build a dam, in Tasmania working with the Tasmanian Film Commission.
His latest film, the hit Australian documentary Mrs Carey's Concert will premiere in Hobart on July 14th, and is a must for any aspiring documentary filmmakers.

The film has been lauded by film reviewers and cinemagoers and is now the 2nd highest grossing Australian documentary of all time. In ten weeks it has earned nearly $1million and been seen by over 100,000 people.   It has out paced Hollywood hits and received standing ovations at cinemas in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Perth.

Set in a Sydney girls school, Mrs Carey's Concert follows music director Karen Carey as she prepares her young students for a concert at the Opera House. Believing in the transformative power of great music, Mrs Carey insists upon a classical repertoire, sets a dauntingly high performance standard and requires the participation of every girl in the school. Mrs Carey inspires many of her girls, but some do not share her passion and are not afraid to say so.

Mrs Carey’s Concert is about music making and coming of age, about talent and courage, compliance and rebellion. About those prepared to open their minds and hearts to what the world has to offer … and those yet to discover the potential within.

For more information on the film, check the press release.