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Attachments on The Gloaming

Attachments on The Gloaming

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The Gloaming television series is offering nine attachments of between 5 and 6 weeks in late April to July 2019.

Attachments are available in the following departments:

  • Production Dept
  • Assistant Director (AD Dept)
  • Camera Dept
  • LX/Grips Dept
  • Art Dept (2 places)
  • Costume (Wardrobe Dept)
  • Makeup/Hair Dept
  • Locations

These are paid placements. Screen Tasmania funds the production company to pay attachees $800 gross per week.

Tasmanian residents (for at least 6 months) who have appropriate skill levels, can express interest in placements with up to two departments.

The process

Expressions of Interest (EoIs) are received by Screen Tasmania.

Ineligible applicants are notified by Screen Tasmania.

Eligible EoIs are sent to the production company.

The producers and heads of department review and shortlist. Unsuccessful applicants are notified by the production company.

Shortlisted applicants are usually interviewed by the production company and the appropriate head of department.

The successful candidates are chosen and others notified by the production company.


Attachment placements are training positions. Attachees will undertake 'on-the-job training' but are not supposed to take the place of a full crew member. You will be required to work as well as observe.

Prior to starting, the successful candidates and their Heads of Department will agree on a Learning Contract containing an outline of the learning experiences offered and the work the attachee will be expected to undertake.

At the end of the attachment period, both the attachee and Head of Department will be given a report form to fill out on the attachment for Screen Tasmania's records.

Expressions of Interest

Click here for the Screen Tasmania Applications Portal.

Closing date - midnight on Wednesday 17 April 2017.