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Attachment Opportunities: Devil Island

Attachment Opportunities: Devil Island

360 Degree Films has recently commenced shooting Devil Island, a 6-part natural history series for ABC TV, ITV, NGTI (National Geographic Television International) and France TV. Filming is taking place on Maria Island and in the north of Tasmania. 360 Degree Films has produced award-winning documentaries across many genres including nature, science, environment, social issues and the arts. Devil Island is a Screen Tasmania supported production.

360 Degree Films is offering two attachment places to emerging Tasmanian practitioners.  This presents an exceptional opportunity to obtain on-ground experience working alongside award-winning professionals. Details of the attachments are below:


  • Camera Assistant/Operator - working with natural history legendary Director of Photography (DOP), David Parer. This attachment will assist the DOP with camera and lighting setups and with time lapse photography. 360 Degree Films is seeking someone in this role who is enthusiastic, willing to pitch in and work long hours often at night (filming nocturnal animals). Previous experience with time lapse photography using either a Canon 5D or Nikon is also highly desirable. This attachment is for six weeks in a number of blocks - early October 2012 (two weeks), November 2012 (two weeks), early to mid-December 2012 (one week) and late January 2013 (one week).


  • Field Director - working with series Director, Andrew Sully (Feral Peril). This attachment will be involved in key decision-making and production matters, helping to organise suitable locations to be filmed involving both animals and scientists. This person will also need to be willing to assist with general production, data wrangling and logging of material.  This attachment is for six weeks - times to be negotiated but similar to the times for the Camera Assistant.

These attachment places are offered as part of Screen Tasmania's Professional development Fund.  All attachees are paid at a rate of $500 per week.  If you wish to apply, please read the Professional Development Guidelines and the Professional Development Application Form (Parts A, C, D, E). All eligible applications will be sent to 360 Degree Films for consideration. Successful attachees will be notified as soon as possible after the closing date.

The closing date for applications is COB Wednesday, 19 September 2012. Please contact Jane Stapleton, Industry Development Officer on 6233 6995 (Monday to Wednesday) to discuss your application prior to submission.

Please send your application to