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A Busy July For Tasmanian Filmmakers

A Busy July For Tasmanian Filmmakers

There are a host of events on the filmmaking calendar for July, starting with the Tasmanian Filmmakers networking drinks on the 10th before a series of masterclasses the following weekend.

Tasmanian Filmmakers Networking Drinks

Come and meet, greet, socialise, pitch, recruit, inspire, enthuse, drink and nibble with other Tasmanian filmmakers.

  • When: Sunday 10th July from 5:30pm till late
  • Where: The Grand Poobah, 142 Liverpool St, upstairs near the city supermarket
  • Cost: $5 towards nibblies
EVERYBODY welcome!
RSVP: or on the event page on facebook

Secrets Of Micro Budget Feature Filmmaking With Horror Writer/ Director Ursula Dabrowsky

If you're thinking about writing, directing or producing a micro or low budget feature film, don't miss this... Ursula Dabrowksy will explain the process that took her film, psychological horror film Family Demons, from a $6,500 shoot in 2006 to a world premiere ($35,000 later) at the Night of Horror Film Festival in 2009, where it won Best Director. The film has gone on to screen at numerous national and international film festivals and won Best Foreign Film and Best Actress at the Fright Night International Film Festival in the United States. It was also nominated for Best Actress at the Eerie Horror Film Festival and was shortlisted for the 2009 DigiSPAA Competition. IFM Films is the international sales agent for the film and the DVD in 2010.

Ursula is now hard at work on the second installment of her demon trilogy with a new screenplay in development - Inner Demon, a supernatural revenge horror film that obtained financing through the South Australian Film Corporations’ FilmLab and will shoot later this year. FilmLab is a $4.2million development initiative, in which selected teams are provided with a cash budget of up to $350,000.
Ursula will take us through her process, from initial concept to post-production and beyond. She will talk about what it takes to get a truly independent feature film in front of audiences and how she translated success with Family Demons into funding through SAFC.

The class will explore the horror screenplay as a vehicle for explosive and subversive stories. It will also discuss unique challenges faced by horror filmmakers, including practical concerns such as blood and FX make-up, ratings andmarketing to genre fans. 

This event will particularly suit filmmakers who are writing or making horror films, but also will be of interest to anyone wanting to know more about the funding, production and distribution of low budget features.

  • When: 4 - 6 pm Saturday 16th July
  • Where: Peacock Theatre, Salamanca Place Hobart
  • Cost: $30 or $20 for Wide Angle Tasmania members

Family Demons: Film Screening And Q & A With Filmmaker Ursula Dabrowsky

Family Demons is a psychological horror film about an abused teenage girl who murders her alcoholic mother. It was shot on a micro budget in 2006 and went on to become a hit on the horror festival circuit in 2009, scoring international distribution and a DVD release. Ursula Dabrowsky is currently working on the script for her next feature, Inner Demon, supported by the South Australian Film Corporations’ FilmLab, which will go into production this year.
Written and Directed by Ursula Dabrowsky
Produced by Sue Brown
Featuring Cassandra Kane, Kerry Reid, Alex Rafalowicz
"The low-budget horror feature is alive and well in independent Australian cinema, if Ursula Dabrowsky’s Family Demons is anything to go by. Made of the coppery smell of a bloodied rag Family Demons is the tale of a long-suffering teenage girl and her bitch of a mother. There’s no burying the hatchet here, it’s one long battle that cuts deep into the psyche of domestic violence, abuse, and the spectre of familial demons that haunt through generations." -- Horrorphile

  • When: 9 pm Saturday16th July
  • Where: Peacock Theatre, Salamanca Place Hobart
  • Cost: Gold coin donation

Goa Hippy Tribe Presentation And Discussion With Director Darius Devas

Director Darius Devas is touring up the east coast to Launch the official SBS interactive website for his online documentary series Goa Hippy Tribe. Darius talks through a collection of different film works spanning his career, starting out as a surf filmmaker, to his experiences working with Lonely Planet and his epic three year journey to make his first feature film. Darius willthen go on to talk through how he came to make an online documentary and how the platform reshapes not only the way films can be produced but and how its audiences can interacted and engage with them.
Goa Hippy Tribe explores two of the major social revolutions of the past 40 years – the hippy movement, which changed the way we lived, and Facebook, which has changed the way we communicate. The project is about people who shared a common space and time on the shores of Goa, India during the 70’s ‘hippy revolution’ and how they re-united after more than 30 years via Facebook. Heading to Goa Darius discovered how being part of those times has affected the way their lives have unfolded. He gave members of the ‘tribe’ the space to tell the real stories and break away from the clichéd hippy stigma that many still perceive about the culture.
The creative achievement of Goa Hippy Tribe is the expansive and inclusive nature of this social-media documentary project. By using Facebook as a central hub to weave video with words, photos and music, Darius has been able to capture the essence of Goa and the people who lived the hippy lifestyle on its beaches, and help bring together a community who will continue to engage via the Goa Hippy Tribe Facebook page.

Special guest for the evening Kate Nash, lecturer in Journalism Media and Communications at UTAS who is currently studying the impact of new media ondocumentary, will discuss with Darius the future of the online platform and her experiences using Goa Hippy Tribe as a case study.
  • When: 6.30 – 8.30pm Saturday the 16th of July
  • Where: Peacock Theatre, Salamanca Place Hobart
  • Cost: $12.50/10 concession

All money raised from the night will help Darius fund his upcoming six month trip to Amsterdam to Attend the Binger writers Lab to develop his second feature film script.

Amplified – DJ/VJ Masterclass

Wide Angle are proud to host an event that showcases the work of artists who combine digital art and music - a three hour seminar in the Dechaineux Theatre, Tasmanian School of Art, with DJ/VJ combination ACUMEN. This Tasmanian duo are at the forefront of the pioneering world of live visual art combined with musical performance and have a strong local following. Recent performances, including at the opening of MONA, illustrate the increased profile of this group and their performance style. The seminar will combine elements of performance interspersed with an exploration of the creative, technical and stylistic demands and limitations of combining live performance of art and music.

  • When: 6 – 9pm, Wednesday 17th August, 2011
  • Where: Dechaineux Theatre, Tasmanian School of Art, Hunter Street, Hobart
  • Cost: Free for Wide Angle Members

RSVP Please call (03) 6223 8344 or Email

BIO: DJ Dameza (JamesWalsh) is fast becoming a favourite across the country, both for his electrically charged club sets, and for his work with Tasmanian MCs (most notably his pairing with mdusu). While he is well-known for working in hip hop, Dameza is not limited by genre and can be found regularly mashing everything together in his his trademark no-holds-barred style, David Bowie into De La Soul, James Brown into Pantera nothing is out of bounds, as long as it’s good music, it will be in his arsenal.

Classically trained, VJ Sloth (Aled Garlick) has more recently moved into the pioneering world of live visual art in combination with musical performance, helping to create an epic journey for the senses. Using skills learnt from traditional mediums in conjunctionwith an array of video gear and groundbreaking computer programs, Sloth will digitally sketch, paint, chop and loop video, text and graphics to form a true visual representation of the audio attack that DJ Dameza provides.

While mainly residing in the darker worlds of Hip Hop, Electro and Dubstep,ACUMEN tailor their show to any musical style or feel from 70’s Funk and Rock, Reggae, Metal and everything in between. This diversity has seen them support a myriad of national and international acts including Grand Master Flash [USA] DJ Z-Trip [USA], Reso [UK], Sukh Knight [UK] Pendulum, Spoonbill, Dexter, The Scientists Of Modern Music, DJ Flagrant and Koolism, winning over the hearts and minds of eager audiences everywhere.
Supported by;
This project was assisted through Arts Tasmania by the Minister for the Arts.
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