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March 2001

Funding Approvals - March 2001

Industry and Cultural Development

  • A grant of $2,000 to the St Kilda Film Festival to present the Tasmanian leg of the St Kilda Film Festival National Tour 2001.
  • A grant of $3,000 to the Derwent Valley Arts Council to launch Love Bites. This will be the premiere screening of the short film series created by young people from the Derwent Valley. The production of the films was supported by Screen Tasmania, Arts Tasmania and the Department of Education as well as Federal and local Government agencies.
  • A grant of $10,000 to provide annual assistance to the AFI to present AFI awards screenings at the AFI State Cinema and other events.

Script and Project Development Investments

  • $6,000 to Carolann Castagna to write a second draft of her feature film script Fractured Space, an extremely powerful story of the relationship between senile mother and daughter.
  • $10,000 to Rachael Smith to employ a script editor and write a second draft of Bachelors and Spinsters, a feature film about the irrepressible Kate Webster, who after a family tragedy gives up her life of "B&S balls, rum and Coke and boys" and returns to Tasmania to fight for the land she loves.
  • $10,000 to Kathryn Lomer to employ a script editor and write a second draft of her feature script The Spare Room, about a 19 year old Japanese boy who comes to live with a Tasmanian homestay family and uncovers the pain which is pulling that family apart.
  • $10,000 to John Menezies to employ a script editor and write a second draft of feature film Shifting the Weed. Stan and Jimbo find a crop of marijuana and set out on a road trip to do the deal that will get them out of their life of petty crime.
  • $10,000 to Lucien Simon to employ a script editor and write a third draft of feature screenplay I mind X mind, a psychological study/thriller that explores the effects of trauma. April is a wealthy teenage girl who goes to a private school, but her life contains the ultimate betrayal.

Television Series

  • $45,000 for script and project development to Media World in association with Sonia Pemberton and Darren Lines for Great Southern Land. This is to develop scripts and storylines for a prime-time light drama series set in a remote Tasmanian town.


  • $12,500 to local filmmaker Russell Hawkins for research and development of his documentary Between Two Flags. An indigenous West Papuan family are forced to rely on inner reserves of hope and resilience as a huge mining project threatens to displace them from their ancestral lands.
  • $6,000 to local film maker Luke Mabb to research and develop Home and Country, a documentary about the journey that he and his family takes to retrace their family’s heritage, Hobart is their home and the place they live but Cherbourg is their country. Luke will be mentored by indigenous filmmakers Rima Timou and Pauline Clague.
  • $15,000 to Roger and Katherine Scholes to shoot pilot footage for a film Driftwood Kingdom and seek a presale from a broadcaster. A documentary set on a remote stretch of coast on Flinders Island, Driftwood Kingdom is the story of an extraordinary Gaudi-esque village that Swedish born Arne Eriksson - with the help of other islanders and travellers - is building out of driftwood and roadside bric-a-brac.

Production Funding Investments, Loans and Grants

Television series

  • An equity production investment of $330,000 to Beyond Productions to produce Stories from the Stone Age, a dramatised 3 by 1 hour documentary series exploring the revolutionary period of prehistory when humans abandoned hunting and gathering to take up agriculture. This is a sequel to the ABC/Discovery/Beyond documentary series The Human Journey. The majority of the series - written by local filmmakers Katherine and Roger Scholes and to be directed by Roger Scholes -will be made in Tasmania. The production components to occur in this state are estimated at $870,000 of a total budget of $1,665,000, and will have significant employment outcomes for the local industry.
  • A co-production investment of $225,000 with the Australian Film Commission and the Special Broadcasting Service to make a fifty minute drama in Tasmania on the subject of family. Each of the partners contributes the same amount of funds, giving a total budget of $750,000, most of which will be spent in Tasmania. This is an excellent financial deal for the state, as well as providing a crucial opportunity for a local filmmaker to make a short feature film with an adequate budget.
  • A co-production investment of $56,575 with the Special Broadcasting Service to enable five emerging filmmakers to make 5-minute films for the SBSI series Making It. The subject of the series is the creativity of children, and the fifteen-part program will shoot five episodes in Tasmania, five episodes in far North Queensland and five episodes in regional SA and NT. The Tasmanian episodes will use all Tasmanian crews. The proposal sees a straight fifty/fifty-financing split between SBS and Screen Tasmania, across both the production and administrative costs. The series will be broadcast on SBS TV nationally, as well as internationally.

Experimental and Shorts

  • A grant of $16,752 to Kim McGlynn and Jack King for Scopophilia, an experimental film utilising live action, charcoal and pencil drawings, paintings and photographs.


  • A grant of $500 to John Menezies to dub copies of his self financed film Dirt Cheap, to give to cast and crew.


  • A production investment of $79,370 to Kickstart Arts Inc for a CD ROM Mining the Imagination which will cover the history of Queenstown, including the often passionately held but differing points of view of its residents and other cultural figures. The CD ROM project is complementary to a much wider project that includes site installations, tourism components and community work.

Producers Loan Package

  • A producer’s loan package of $50,000 to Stephen Thomas and Kath Symmons from Roar Film to further develop a slate of projects across documentaries, multimedia, short films and features.