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Screen Tasmania

June 2020

This additional fund of $250 000 was made possible through the Cultural and Creative Industries Stimulus Package.

13 projects will share in $242 500 in Project Development funding, with the remaining funds providing Industry Development support.

As part of the stimulus package, the following funding has previously been announced:

  • Arts and Screen Digital Production Fund - to support Tasmanian artists and arts organisations to work with Tasmanian screen professionals to make content for digital distribution and promotion. 29 recipients will share in $506 396. The successful applicants and projects are outlined here.
  • Tasmanian Contemporary Music Fundto support Tasmanian contemporary musicians whose engagements have been cancelled due to COVID-19 to record music and music videos for digital distribution and promotion. 22 recipients will share in $255 041. The successful applicants and projects are outlined here.
  • Accelerated Screen Development Round - 11 projects were approved in April and May 2020, and will share in $157 000 through the Games Development and Project Development programs. The details can be viewed below.

Project development - Intermediate stage

The Boarder – feature drama ($8 000)

Writer/Director: Elli Iliades

A quiet migrant develops an infatuation with a married woman from a nearby farming community. But when he starts working for her and her husband, he finds himself becoming dangerously embroiled in a family affair.

Dead Rabbit Trail – feature drama ($20 000)

Production Company: GoodThing Productions
Producers: Nick Batzias, Virginia Whitwell
Writer/Director: Daniel Peek

A year after the loss of his son, a wounded cop is taken hostage by a fifteen year old girl.

Destination Drift – 8 x 30 min factual series ($20 000)

Production company: Jungle Entertainment
Executive Producers: Chloe Rickard, Shay Spencer
Author/Story Consultant: Robbie Arnott
Showrunner/Writer: Marieke Hardy

Adapted from the award-winning debut novel by Robbie Arnott, Flames is a magical odyssey of love, grief and the bonds of family, set on an otherworldly island south of Australia.

Indomitable: The Pacific Peacemaker Story – 30 min documentary ($10 000)

Producer/Director/Writer: Brendan Shoebridge
Executive Producer: Anne Delaney

1981: Witness the zany heroics of two seemingly ordinary antipodean tradies and their novice crew as they sail across the Pacific Ocean on a daring mission: to blockade the most destructive weapon ever devised; the Trident submarine. Were they responsible for preventing a nuclear apocalypse? This outrageous true story is an exhilarating ocean odyssey, chock full of hope, courage and humanity.

McLeods of Drovers Run – feature drama ($20 000)

Production company: Millennium Pictures

Producer/Writer: Posie Graeme-Evans
Producer: Sue Clothier
Writer: Emma Jensen

Tragic unfinished business that begins in 1850s Scotland - the ancestral home of the McLeods of Drovers Run - returns to haunt the present day family at Drovers Run. Literally. In the end, family is all we have when the past will not die. That’s a good thing. Right? An origin story.

Mister Hipster – 8 x 30 min comedy series ($15 000)

Production company: Electric Yak
Executive Producer: Alicia Rackett
Producer: Fiona McConaghy
Co-producer: Paul Moran
Creator/Showrunner: David Gurney
Writers: Wendy Hanna, Mark O'Toole
Director: Shaun Wilson
Script Producer: Clare Madsen

Two over-confident tradies decide on the spur of the moment to set up a trendy café but when they discover how difficult it is, they enlist the help of the two best chefs they know – their mothers.

Rain Boy – feature family drama ($15 000)

Executive Producer: Brian Rosen
Producer: Fiona McConaghy
Writer: Ranald Allen
Consultant: Rachael Treasure

Following the death of his mother, kind-hearted 12 year-old dreamer, Artie Ryan, is desperate to win his father’s love and save the family farm from a crippling drought by finding a way to make it rain.

Wireless Hill – 8 x 1 hr drama series ($25 000)

Production Companies: 2 Jons, Sweet Potato Films
Producer/Writer: Victoria Madden
Producer: John Molloy

Ten bright young scientists from around the world are given the opportunity of a lifetime to study on the unique Macquarie Island without realising they are unwitting guinea pigs for a powerful biotech company looking for a horror humankind was not meant to know.

Project development - Advanced stage

Adventure Gold Diggers – 8 x 1 hour observational documentary series ($30 000)

Production company: Fredbird
Executive Producer: Craig Graham
Series Producer: Brad Cone
Director: Tim Noonan

One lucky strike is all it takes to change a prospector’s fortunes forever.

Project development - Short-form series booster

Conviction Politics: – 6 x 6 minute animated factual webseries ($26 000)

Executive Producer: Craig Dow Sainter
Producer: Ruby Thomas, Kath Symonds 
Writer/Director: Steve Thomas

Six animated stories about unsung political heroes from the convict diaspora.

GASP – 6 x 8 minute comedy webseries ($13 500)

Producer/Writer: Kate Fox
Writer/Director: Shaun Wilson
Writers: Ben Morton, Emesha Rudolph, Pip Kennedy

Some police will throw the book at you. These cops will throw the Dictionary.

Papped – 6 x 5 minute comedy webseries ($20 000)

Production Company: Utopia Media
Producer/Writer: Sue Clothier
Writer: Kate Fox
Writer/Starring: Jane Hamilton-Foster

In the competitive world of paparazzi, it pays to be in the wrong place at the right time.