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Screen Tasmania

August 2020

Screen Tasmania approved support totalling $74 000 to four applicants through Project Development, and $40 000 to two projects in Games Development. Details of the successful applicants and projects are below.

Project Development – Intermediate Stage

Bay of Fires – 8 x 60 minute drama series ($30 000)

Production company: Archipelago Productions
Executive Producers: Marta Dusseldorp, Andrew Knight, Greg Sitch,
Writers: Marta Dusseldorp, Max Dann, Andrew Knight,

Shamed, disgraced, betrayed and broke - things can only get worse.

Stumped – 10 x 24 minute children’s drama series ($15 000)

Production company: Blue Rocket Productions
Producers: Emma Wilson, Alicia Rackett
Writers: Rae Earl, Natesha Somasundaram

When she finds herself unable to play in the girl’s competition, aspiring elite cricketer Alex joins the local u17 all-boys cricket team, where she needs to be accepted as ‘one of them’ to continue playing and ultimately secure a spot in the girl’s State team.

Project Development – Advanced Stage

All of Us - 60 minute documentary ($20 000)

Production company: Big hART
Executive Producer/Writer/Director: Scott Rankin
Writer: Rosie Batty
Producer: Angela Prior

On rare occasions, one person’s courage to stand up in the midst of impossible circumstances and tell their story with an authentic voice can motivate all of us to speak up. Rosie Batty is one such person. This documentary follows the challenge of creating a new theatre work based on Rosie’s story - called All of Us - and taking it on the road from national festivals to far flung regional communities.

Project Development – Short-form Series Booster

The Seven Heavenly Virtues – 7 x 5 minute short-from factual series ($9 000)

Writers/Producers: Celia Boden, Sue Clothier

Is ‘being virtuous’ something we should still aspire to in contemporary society? Seven artists answer in their own way.

Games Development – Conceptual development

Joss and Floss in the Bungalow of Danger – Adventure/comedy for mobile ($10 000)

Production company: Super Fun Happy Time
Producer/Writer/Animator: Vivien Mason
Writer/Art Director /Animator: Ben Stephenson
Producing Mentor: Jon Manning
Lead Developer: Alex Viney

Two best friends investigate a father’s disappearance in a magical and delightfully dangerous suburban bungalow.

Games Development – Production and release

I Feel Fine – Narrative/conversation simulator for PC/Mac ($30 000)

Production company: Secret Lab
Senior Producer: Paris Buttfield-Addison
Writer: Ryan North
Lead Programmer: Tim Nugent
Original Concept/Senior Developer: Mars Buttfield-Addison
Creative Director: Jon Manning

A story of compassion, daring escapes, and robots