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April 2002

Funding Approvals - April 2002

Major Projects

  • An investment of $20,000 to John Honey and Posie Graeme-Evans to enable them to develop a major television documentary series entitled The True History of the Magus. The series will examine history and the occult; the story of the unseen side of our past and a re-analysis of the conjunction of magic, science and religion in human affairs.
  • An investment of $13,900 to Paul Scott Films to enable development of Devil Diary, a TV documentary series that will take viewers behind the scenes at Australia's largest Tasmanian Devil Sanctuary, in Northern Tasmania.
  • An investment of $160,000 in Roar Film's production The Fishers, a series of four half-hour documentaries that explore the lives and work of professional fishermen operating in the wild and beautiful ocean surrounding Tasmania.
  • An investment of $153,000 to Edward Street Films in their production of episodes three and four of the four-part documentary series The Shack. Episode three, Driftwood Kingdom, tells the story of the extraordinary Gaudiesque village that Swedish-born Arne Eriksson is building, with the help of other islanders and travellers, out of drifters and roadside gleanings on Flinders Island . Episode four, Future Shack, explores the place of the shack in the 21st century, with new ecological controls and financial pressures making it harder for people to have a weekend getaway. The series will be screened on ABC TV.
  • An investment in Blue Rocket Productions' next feature to achieve full financing from the following options:
    Dog and Cat News Series 2 $189,550
    Lunar Tix $252,801
    Hoota and Snoz Series 3 $177,270


  • An investment of $40,000 in Big and Little Films' production of Wildness, a major documentary examining the legacy of Olegas Truchanas and Peter Dombrovskis, two of Australia's greatest wilderness photographers.

Feature Film Script Development

  • An investment of $20,000 to Porchlight Films to develop a screenplay based on Julia Leigh's gripping novella The Hunter. A cold blooded mercenary is hired to go to Tasmania undercover as a naturalist, and hunt down and kill the last remaining Tasmanian Tiger, harvesting its DNA for a biotech company. Chance sees him lodge with a grief-numbed widow and her two lively young children. Their company begins to humanise him, and it seems as if they will redeem him.
  • An investment of $28,000 to Vincent Ward Films Pty Ltd to develop Ambergris with Louis Nowra (writer) and Vincent Ward (director). Set in the wilds of Tasmania during the 1880s, this is the story of two young girls whose lives are changed forever by their mysterious bond with an animal.
  • An investment of $10,000 to Genevieve Read to employ a script editor and write the second draft of her feature script Saturn's Return. After years of striving in vain to be a good reporter and please the ghost of her father, and to keep her life 'tidy', it's time for Frances to come undone with hilarious results.
  • An investment of $13,000 to Franz Docherty and Belinda Bradley to employ a script editor and to write the second draft of their feature script The Pink Ladies. Set in the Huon Valley, it's the story of a group of women who upset the applecart in their attempts to form a soccer team.
  • An investment of $4,000 to Mark Joseph to engage a script adviser and to write the second draft of his feature script Floating Boy. Rob is working for the first time as a deckhand on a small and not particularly successful crayfishing boat.

Shorts, Animations and Experimental Productions

  • A grant of $10,000 to young Launceston filmmaker Andrew Quaile to produce his short film Payback Pty Ltd. Two gentlemen provide an innovative service to the business community.
  • A grant of $10,000 to Michael Limb to produce his short film Lucky Break. With only 15 minutes to lodge his ticket in a Tattslotto Super Draw, Simon makes a desperate dash from home to the newsagency.
  • A grant of $3,512 to Fleur Nelson to complete post-production on her film At the End of the Line, which tells of what happens when a telephone suicide counsellor gets a call she isn't prepared for.
    Industry and Cultural Development
  • A grant of $1,000 to the City of Port Phillip to assist with the Tasmanian leg of the national tour of highlights from the 2002 St Kilda Film Festival.