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2019-20 Financial Year

October 2019

In October 2019 Screen Tasmania approved support totalling $555 000 in Production Investment, and $50 000 in Project Development.


Rosehaven, season 4 – 8 x 25 minute comedy series ($500 000)

Production company: What Horse Holdings Pty Ltd
Marketplace: ABC
Executive Producer: Kevin Whyte
Producer: Andy Walker
Co-producer: Fiona McConaghy
Directors: Shaun Wilson, Jonathan Brough
Writers: Celia Pacquola, Luke McGregor

The end of season three saw Emma and Daniel successfully bring the town together to get a park. Now they are both single and back sharing a house trying to find new friends and new people to date. We’ll also see the usually confident and together Barbara out of her comfort zone when she, Daniel and Emma go to the city for a real estate conference and awards night where Barbara is honoured. But Emma talks up business in Rosehaven a bit too much at the conference and a rival agent thinks it might be worth setting up a rival to McCallum Real Estate.

[Photo: Scott Bradshaw]

[One further project has been approved for investment of $55 000, and will be announced at a later date]


Untitled Drama Series ($25 000)

Details will be released at a later date.


Love at 42 South – 85 minute documentary feature ($15 000)

Production company: Wonderland Film & Theatre Productions Pty Ltd
Executive Producer: Kingston Anderson
Producer: Claire Haywood
Director: Sara Glaoua
Writers: Sara Glaoua, Claire Haywood

Love at 42 South is a documentary that follows five women from diverse cultural backgrounds who, after relocating to Tasmania, are actively searching for love and relationship fulfilment in an environment that is culturally vastly different from the one in which they were born and raised.  Determined not to be defined by the challenges, constraints and failures of their past, they are strong, courageous women who look forward to their future with resilience and hope.


Moments of Clarity – 24 x 1 minute comedy webseries ($10 000)

Production company: Electric Yak Pty Ltd
Executive Producer: Alicia Rackett
Producer: Paul Moran
Writer/Director: Tim Logan
Production Designer: Jess Murray 
Animation Director: Stefan Le Mottee

Join Tim, an often self-deluding, thirty something, his far wiser and fluffier dog, Ra, and an odd assortment of neighbourhood friends as they all experience those hilarious yet confronting brushes with self-awareness and universal truth, known as Moments of Clarity.

July 2019

In July 2019 Screen Tasmania approved support totalling $145 000 in Production Investment, $61 000 in Project Development, $16 750 in Games Development, and $50 000 in Proof-of-Concept Production.


Aussie Lobster Men, season 2 – 8 x 42 minute documentary series ($145 000)

Production company: Hot Chilli Lobster Pty Ltd
Marketplace: Discovery/7Mate
Executive Producer: Craig Graham
Series Producer: Celia Boden

Aussie Lobster Men Series 2 will continue to follow the real life dramas of five lobster boat captains over ten weeks of the winter rock lobster hunting season, as they risk it all in search of the world’s most prized seafood delicacy. For the lobstermen, it’s a chance to put money in the bank until the fishing grounds re-open in spring. The Southern Ocean is Australia’s deadliest stretch of ocean. Against a backdrop of wild weather and treacherous seas, crews work night and day to haul in hundreds of kilograms of lobsters across slippery decks. Even a minor problem can turn deadly in a matter of moments and the nearest port is often hundreds of nautical miles away. Medical emergencies, mechanical failure, lost lobster pots, storms and underwater predators all serve as natural adversaries. And then there’s the volatile lobster price, which goes up and down most days. More than eighty percent of all lobsters caught in Tasmania are exported live to China and that’s what drives the per kilo price. But if a captain gets it right, he can make a fortune. Get it wrong and he can lose it all. This is not only a story of risk, strategy and skill at sea, but a drama about family economics.


Future Cities – 2 x 55 documentary series ($20 000)

Production company: Utopia Media Pty Ltd
Marketplace: ABC
Executive Producer: Sue Clothier
Producers: Sue Clothier, Annie Venebles
Director: Andrew Sully

What will it be like to live in an Australian city in thirty years time? Will it be high-rise hell or unsustainable suburban sprawl? Are there alternative models to those dictated by mainstream property developers? What would happen if we shaped our cities more for people, and less for profit? Starting with a radical group of Melbourne architects, comedian and design enthusiast Tim Ross goes on a global investigation of the challenges facing the world’s cities and the bold, innovative, and beautiful solutions that urban designers, architects and residents are implementing to create quality, affordable homes and vibrant, equitable cities.

The Tailings – 8 x 10 minute drama webseries ($16 000)

Marketplace: SBS
Producer: Liz Doran
Writer: Caitlin Richardson

Set on Tasmania's remote west coast mining town, a naive first-year teacher, RUBY, arrives in town to find a community reeling from a drowning death at a nearby lake. Ruby’s notorious year 10 student, JAS, has lost her dad and is determined to find out who killed him.  Against the backdrop of a young female teacher's struggle to prove herself in a new job and a young woman's misplaced grief over the loss of her father, The Tailings explores a maverick investigation, the secrets that it exposes and a town with nothing left to lose.


Untitled Documentary Series ($15 000)

Details will be released at a later date.


Sisters Unearthly – 8 x 5 minute drama webseries ($10 000)

Producers: Rebecca Thomson, Catherine Pettman, 
Director: Rebecca Thomson
Writers: Claire d'Este, Briony Kidd, Rebecca Thomson, Carrie McLean, Alison Mann

Sisters Unearthly is a fantasy web series for adults who love fairytales as they were intended - dark, dangerous and delicious. Set in a visually stylised, grotesque, and humorous world without man or machine the stories unfold against the spectacular natural landscapes of Tasmania. Each episode is a stand alone story but bound by the theme of bringing forth life in an unearthly realm where hair is a powerful commodity, little girls vomit up golden hearts, and narrators sometimes lose control of their stories.


Super Dungeon Delvers, platforming game ($16 750)

Production company: Webbysoft
Platform: iOS/Android
Lead Designer: Luke Webster
Music Director: Cody Webberly

Super Dungeon Delvers (SDD) is a mobile platforming game aimed at Android and iOS devices. The player chooses the role of one of three heroes - Milton the human, Tomas the Tasmanian Tiger or Dory the duck - and goes on a quest to save the land from a spreading evil by destroying a series of dungeons across five separate worlds. Gameplay resembles the older style platform games and is modelled on the 16-bit era of gaming consoles. Graphically, SDD borrows heavily from this time, relying on pixel-style art to engage the player at a nostalgic level.


[Funded by the Screen Innovation Fund]

Ava's Island – 26 x 21 minute animated children's series ($25 000)

Production company: Blue Rocket Productions Pty Ltd
Executive Producer: Alicia Rackett
Producer: Paul Moran
Creator/Composer: Fiora Cutler
Writer: Wendy Hanna
Designer: Ava Maria Mendez Salgado 
Animation Director: Stefan Le Mottee

Ava is an inquisitive 7-year-old girl who lives on her own island at the edge of The Great Southern Ocean with her fairy penguin friend, Leo. Her island is grey and windy but with a rich and diverse environment. There’s a plethora of creatures and plant-life that Ava doesn’t know much about, fortunately she can sing to the wind to transport herself to a fantasy version of her island, where she can sing and learn with her latest observation, enriching her own world.

UnExtinction – 80 minute documentary ($25 000)

Production company: Move Media Pty Ltd
Producers: Troy Melville, Jim Everett
Directors: Troy Melville, Andry Sculthorpe

In 1876 the world was told with the death of Truganni, that Tasmanian Aboriginal people were extinct. What remained were a few ‘islanders’ and ‘half castes’ isolated on Cape Barren Island. Everything would change in 1972 with the formation of the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre, driven through the leadership of Michael Mansell, Heather Sculthorpe and Jim Everett. UnExtinction is the untold Tasmanian Aboriginal perspective of the fight for identity, and the strong-will, political manoeuvring, and larrikinism needed to instil an inner belief, that allowed the Tasmanian Aboriginal community to tell the world that the story of their extinction was a myth.