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2017-2018 Financial Year


23 March 2018

Total development investment of $68,052.

Upload Program

Where the Snow Settles - Interactive game, Steam (PC) ($10 000)

Production Company: Myriad Games Studio Pty Ltd
Producer: Luca Rocchi
Creative Director/Writer: Alisha Stone
QA/Animation: Emily Stone
Developer: Jeremiah Walter
Marketing: Michael Philippa 

Escape to a desolate world of beauty and isolation as Aurelia searches for her missing sister. Aided by mysterious spirits, she unearths a tale that will change her forever.

Originate Program

Tempest & Street - 6 x 10 min drama series ($7 500)

Writer: Zev Jones 
Script Editor: Nicole Dade

Tempest & Street is a contemporary Tasmanian drama series that follows the daily lives of six intertwining characters, from different cultures backgrounds, who are each in a state of homelessness.

Lucy's Cannon - 52 x 11 min children’s animated series ($24 552)

Production Company: Beyond Entertainment Pty Ltd / Blue Rocket
Writer: Max Dan, Wendy Hanna
Producer: Alicia Rackett, 
Director: David Gurney

Lucy Longbarrel is eight years old and her younger brother Randall Longbarrel is five. Lucy makes her own fun and her imagination is boundless. And even better, Lucy owns a cannon. Yep, one of those old-fashioned types just perfect for blasting little brothers out of. Lucy is rather strong willed and her defiant acts of blasting herself and Randall off on journeys don’t always go exactly as she imagines. Together, they embark on surprising adventures in far flung places. Lucy’s Cannon is an animated celebration of sibling imagination for children aged 5 - 7 years – but with a cannon.

Disarming Candour - 6 x 30 min comedy series ($8 000)

Writer: Finegan Kruckemeyer
Producer/Director: Shaun Wilson

Peter and Zoe are endearing but hapless best friends. While wasting time at a bank, the pair becomes unwitting players in a robbery. Peter, in an attempt to be helpful, shoots the robber in the foot, and both are kidnapped by his accomplice, Emily. Accidentally falling in love with her, Peter asks if they could please keep being kidnapped, and the two become three, stealing a car, navigating a clumsy love triangle, and eventually robbing again.

Shards - 6 x 10 min drama series ($10 000)

Production Company: Blur Films Pty Ltd
Writer/Producer/Director: Michael O'Neill, Dylan Hesp
Script Editor: Vicki Madden

Five years ago, Olivia abandoned her husband and children to pursue a new life in Western Australia. During that time her sleepy hometown of Stanley changed. When an outlaw bikie gang road into town, the North West of Tasmania became a breeding ground for drug crime. Unprepared and overwhelmed, the local populace now find themselves at the mercy of the outlaws. Their unengaged youth corrupted under the influence of Ice. With the brutal murder of her son Rhett, Olivia now returns home to enact her deadly vengeance upon those she holds responsible. Desperately trying to bury her own regret.

Lanyard City Blues - 10 x 6 min comedy series ($8 000)

Writer: Chloe Black
Producer: Scott Edwards
Script Editor: Jordan Raskopoulos

Lanyard City Blues is a short-form web series about a transgender woman named Alex in Hobart who returns to work after announcing her transition. The series will follow her first week back and the obstacles and pitfalls she faces while navigating life finally being her authentic self, at the large mobile phone company where she works in a call centre. Like Transparent' meets 'The Office'.

15 December 2017 

Production Investment

Project name:   Rosehaven, season 3
Applicant:         What Horse Holdings Pty Ltd
Type:                8 x 25 min comedy television series
Amount:           $500 000

Project name:  Yet to be announced
Amount:           $200 000

Development Investment

Project name:   The Gloaming
Applicant:         Sweet Potato Films, 2 JONS & M4 Entertainment Pty Ltd
Type:                8 x 60 min television drama series
Amount:           $20 000

Project name:   The Tailings
Applicant:         Caitlin Richardson
Type:                10 x 10 min drama web series
Amount:           $6 000

Project name:   Tartarus
Applicant:         Roar Film Pty Ltd
Type:                60 min television documentary
Amount:           $8 000

Project name:   The Hurricane and the Fly
Applicant:         Madman Production Company Pty Ltd
Type:                feature film
Amount:           $14 000

Digital media fund

Project name:   Party Crashers
Applicant:         Ian Lewis, trading as Giant Margarita
Type:                couch-play game
Amount:           $15 000

22 September 2017

Production Investment

Project name:   The Advocate
Applicant:         Wonderland Film and Theatre Productions Pty Ltd
Type:                6 x 48 min true crime television series
Amount:           $100 000

Project Development

Project name:   Big Fish
Applicant:         One Stone Pictures Pty Ltd
Type:                6 x 10min comedy web series
Amount:           $10 000

Project name:   The Motel at the End of the World
Applicant:         Rummin Productions Pty Ltd
Type:                Drama
Amount:           $14 000

Project name:   The Blue Tier
Applicant:         Sweet Potato Films Pty Ltd
Type:                10 x 60 min Factual Television Series
Amount:           $14 000

Project name:   The Fat Detective
Applicant:         Matchbox Productions Pty Ltd
Type:                6 x 30min Television Comedy Series
Amount:           $15 000

Project name:   Dark Water
Applicant:         Inflatable Boats Tasmania Pty Ltd
Type:                4 x 60 min Sports Documentary Television Series
Amount:           $15 000

17 August 2017 (out of round)

Production Investment

Project name:   Food Lab 2
Applicant:         Cultivate Productions Pty Ltd
Type:                65 x 30 min cooking and lifestyle television series
Amount:           $85 000

Project Development

Project name:   Lambs of God
Applicant:         Lingo Productions Pty Ltd
Type:                4 x 60min drama television mini series
Amount:           $50 000