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2018-19 Financial Year

March 2019

In March 2019 Screen Tasmania approved support totalling $65 000 in Project Development, $50 000 in Production Investment, and $44 75-0 in Games Development

[One production was approved for $50 000 of Production Investment, which will be announced at a later date]


Little J & Big Cuz, season 3 – 19 x 15 minute animated children's television series ($22 000)

Production company: Ned Lander Media Pty Ltd
Producers: Ned Lander, Alicia Rackett
Writers: Tony Thorne, Dot West, Erica Glynn, Beck Cole, Sam Paynter
Director: Tony Thorne

He's five and she's nine. They're a couple of Indigenous kids who live with their Nanna and Old Dog. Adventure is never far away – in the backyard or beyond…They love to explore the world around them through the gaps in Nanna's fence.   Little J and Big Cuz - with the help of Nanna, their school teacher Ms Chen, and their friends, are learning about their community, country and culture.


MoonBird Boy – 27 minute television documentary ($15 000)

Production company: Rummin Productions Pty Ltd
Producers: Catherine Pettman, Andry Sculthorpe
Director: Matthew Newton

“My name is Nathan Maynard, I am a Trawlwoolway man from North Eastern Tasmania. I come from a proud community, a proud family, a proud birding family who have harvested mutton birds every year since the beginning of time. Birding involves the sustainable harvesting of juvenile short-tailed shearwaters, called muttonbirds, or moonbirds.” Through Nathan and his young son Clay we will be transported to the wind swept islands of the Furneaux Group, the rustic sheds, the connections to country, culture and kinship. The world of a young Tasmanian Aboriginal boy as he learns the birding.

[Photo: Matt Newton]

[One further project was approved, but subsequently declined funding]


Where the Snow Settles, narrative/adventure Game ($20 000)

Production company: Myriad Games Studio Pty Ltd
Platform: PC/XBox One
Producer: Luca Rocchi
Creative Director: Alisha Stone
Technical Lead: Jeremiah Walter
Technical Artist: Andrew Mendlik
Lead QA/Technical Animator: Emily Stone

Follow Aurelia’s introspective journey across a changing environment, where she must work to navigate the encroaching cold and venture into the unknown to find her missing sister. Where the Snow Settles is a narrative-driven adventure game, where Aurelia’s curiosity leads her to discover that there is more to the world beyond her own. With the help of enigmatic spirits befriended throughout her journey, Aurelia soon learns why the world is collapsing around her, and why she must find her strength before it’s too late.

Squidgies Takeover (originally approved as Save the Teenies), physics puzzle Game ($24 750)

Production company: Giant Margarita
Platform: Nintendo Switch 
Producer: Kristy de Salas
Lead Designer/Developer: Ian Lewis
Junior Producer: Mitchell Patterson
Effects Programmer: Andrew Mendlik
Lead Artist: Christiane King
Sound Designer/Composer George Begbie
Technical Artist: Bruno Rime

The aim of the game is simple: to help the very round and very cute Squidgies get to a portal so they can go home. But the Squidgies will need your help to overcome fire, water, electricity and their endearing tendency to roll the wrong way!

December 2018

In December 2018 Screen Tasmania approved investment of $89 450 into the development of six new projects through its Originate funding program.


It Takes a Village – 3 x 60 minute television documentary series ($15 000)

Production company: Roar Film Pty Ltd
Executive Producer: Craig Dow Sainter
Producers: Kath Symmons, Steve Thomas
Writers: Martine Delaney, Steve Thomas
Directors: Steve Thomas, Varcha Sidewell

Dementia care has become, for many, an institutional and pharmacological nightmare; forced confinement in a world without stimulus or compassion. One Tasmanian dementia care provider is determined to make a real change - taking a radically different approach based on idea of a compassionate community. Work will soon begin on what they believe will be a world-leading environment for the people living with dementia, their families, their carers and the entire community. Korongee Village combines the latest thinking in design, recruitment and community engagement with the aim of changing the entire paradigm for dementia care. But will it deliver?

Quoll Farm – 52 minute television documentary ($9 450)

Production company: Wild Creature Films Pty Ltd
Executive Producer: Simon Nasht
Producer: Nick Hayward
Writers/Directors: Simon Plowright, Matt Hamilton

When wildlife expert Simon Plowright discovered an abandoned farm hidden deep in the Tasmanian wilderness it was life-changing experience. Here he found a sanctuary that held a remarkable colony of Eastern Quolls, the undeniably cute but little-known marsupials that today are a threatened species. Simon dubbed this place Quoll Farm, and for the next year he would live and observe these fascinating creatures and the assortment of devils, wombats, eagles and native animals that made this such a special place. Together man and animal would form a special bond – until the moment came that their sanctuary faced extinction.

[Photo: Simon Plowright]

Wild Tasmania – 6 x 60 minute television documentary series ($15 000)

Production company: Utopia Media Pty Ltd
Executive Producer: Sue Clothier
Producers: Sue Clothier, Sue Houghton

Tasmania is wild and probably the most eccentrically unique place on the planet. Staggering beauty, rugged extremes and home to endemic species found nowhere else on the planet and where the environment is intertwined with its inhabitants. In Wild Tasmania, we meet passionate people that give a big helping hand to the amazing creatures to ensure their survival.


Australia's Best Street Racer – 8 x 5 minute online comedy series ($25 000)

Production company: One Stone Pictures Pty Ltd
Executive Producer: Nathan Earl
Producer: Georgie Lewin
Writer: Dylan Hesp
Director: Michael O'Neill

Finally in possession of his P plates and his Mum’s 1994 Holden Barina, 18 year old Taylor James decides to make his mark on the Launceston late night street racing scene. Desperate to impress local street racing gang HTV and live up to his father’s legacy as the one time king of the blockie route, Taylor operates on the edge of their periphery. However that won’t stop him from attempting to modify his car, pick up chicks or clash with the law, all in an effort to earn their approval and his place as Australia’s Best Street Racer.

[Photo: Mel de Ruyter]

Moments of Clarity – 3 x 1 minute online comedy series ($15 000)

Production company: Electric Yak Pty Ltd
Executive Producer: Alicia Rackett
Producer: Paul Moran 
Creators: Tim Logan, Jess Murray
Writer/Director: Tim Logan
Production Designer: Jess Murray

The series is partially autobiographical and follows the day to day ups, downs, and zig zags of Tim and his cute, irrepressible dog, Ra, as he tries and often fails, at romance, healthy living, and at simply not making others uncomfortable or annoyed with his overcooked thoughts. You might have a whole day of ups and downs unfold but if you’re lucky, you will also experience a moment of clarity.

The Swag Family – 4 x 4 minute online documentary series ($10 000)

Production company: Electric Yak Pty Ltd
Producers: Alicia Rackett, Niall Doran
Writer: Andrew Hughes

Adventurer and educator, Andrew Hughes together with his equally daring wife Nicola, are embarking on the most formidable adventure of their lives. With their two young children – Hope (5) and Wilfrid (3), they are tackling a year-long 10,000km tandem-bike cycling trip around Australia. Exploring the limits of risk, endurance and family bonds, this remarkable family are searching out how Australians are tackling the pressing issues of building a cohesive society and a more environmentally sustainable future. And true to this family’s spirit of adventure, they’re encouraging those that they meet along the way, to set the direction of their journey.

[Photo: Andrew and Nicola Hughes]


Food Lab, season 3 – 65 x 23 minute factual entertainment series ($73 000)

Production company: Cultivate Media Services Pty Ltd
Marketplace: SBS Food 
Executive Producers: Simon Hamilton, Ben Milbourne
Producer: Amee Freeman
Director: Ben Milbourne

Food Lab teaches you how to be a better cook through science. Host - chef and food identity Ben Milbourne with sidekick and physicist Joel Gilmore cook simple delicious dishes and helps you understand the cooking process through science. Filmed on location around spectacular locations around Ben's home state of Tasmania and in the brand new Food Lab kitchen which is next door to Ben's restaurant CharlotteJack in Devonport, Tasmania. Ben and Joel are helped with scientific insights from the team at the University of Queensland.

Wreck Seeker, serious game ($80 000)

Production company: Roar Film Pty Ltd
Platform: Website 
Marketplace: Australian National Maritime Museum
Executive Producer: Craig Dow Sainter
Producers: Kath Symmons, Steve Thomas
Creative Director/Writer: Steve Thomas
Writer: Martine Delaney
Lead Developer: Matt Daniels 
Developer/Editor: Owen Andrews

Wreck Seeker is an online game where the players find, explore and identify shipwrecks from around Australia and internationally. Players use the tools of the Maritime Archaeologist to research, locate and explore shipwrecks. They face trials and frustration as they use archival documents (based on real archives) to learn about the fate of the ship and help pin point its location. On the dive site they will face real life dangers like treacherous currents and weather conditions and low visibility. Finally they oversee the creation of an exhibition which could enhance their reputation and increased research grant funding for their next venture.

September 2018

In September 2018 Screen Tasmania approved investment of $42 000 into the development of three new projects through its Originate funding program.


The Baby Commune – 6 x 30 minute television comedy series ($15 000)

Production company: 3rd Gen Productions Pty Ltd
Producer: Cecilia Ritchie
Writer: Melanie Tait

It’s biological crunch time for besties Sarah, Nicola and Zoya – so they’ve decided to join forces and have babies together. Each of these women is on the cusp of forty, and each is craving her own baby. They all have strong ideas on how they’d like to raise kids but are also firm that they don’t want to go it alone. So they’ve decided to pool their resources, brave the Hobart real estate market, and make babies together. The Baby Commune is a rich comedy/drama for everyone who’s contemplated a life outside the nuclear family.

Vera Gray – 10 x 60 minute television drama series ($15 000)

Production company: Aquarius Films Pty Ltd, Pistachio Pictures
Producers: Angie Fielder, Polly Staniford
Co-producer: Alex Boden 
Creators/Writers: Ryk Goddard, Carrie McLean
Lead Writer: Katherine Thompson

Vera Gray is a convict in a lawless land, a bad woman compelled to right wrongs and deliver justice. When she’s assigned as a servant to a British doctor and his perfect wife, she discovers his twisted experiments designed to prove nature over nurture and is confronted with a question which cuts to the quick of Australia’s British colonial origins... Can any good come from a bad beginning?

Killing Ground – 6 x 60 minute television drama series ($12 000)

Production company: Hypergiant Films Pty Ltd
Producers: Joanne Weatherstone, Bethany Jones
Writer/Director: Damien Power

Fresh out of jail Scotty ‘German’ Shepherd comes to Queenstown, Tasmania looking for his prison buddy, RUSS FOWLER. He finds a small town riven with bitter enmities, his friend stricken with cancer, and Russ’ son, Todd ‘Chook’ Fowler, in thrall to the local drug dealer. After Russ dies, German becomes like a father to Chook. But German is a vicious killer - in Chook he finds a willing partner in crime. When a young couple discover an abandoned tent and car at an isolated campsite, they unwittingly put themselves in the killers’ sights.

[One further project was approved for funding, but ultimately declined support]

June 2018

In June 2018 Screen Tasmania approved investment of $45 350 into the development of three new projects through its Originate funding program.


Family Arrangements – 8 x 60 minute television drama series ($15 000)

Production company: Millennium Pictures Pty Ltd
Writer/Producer: Posie Graeme-Evans
Writers: Franz Docherty and Belinda Bradley 

This series centres around the disappearance of a florist, Rose Seeder, and follows her family members as they try to keep the shop running amid the discovery of an astonishing secret.

Musquito – feature film ($18 350)

Production company: Pictures in Paradise Pty Ltd
Producer: Chris Brown
Writer/Director: Dylan River
Writer: Nathan Maynard

This feature film details the life of Musquito, an Aboriginal warrior who fought against the white colonists during the Black Wars in Van Diemen’s Land.

The World Beneath – feature film ($12 000)

Production company: Happening Films Pty Ltd 
Producers: Fiona McConaghy and Jannine Barnes
Writers: Franz Docherty, Belinda Bradley 

The World Beneath is based on the award-winning novel of the same name. It portrays a story of survival set against the unpredictable landscape of Tasmania.


The Gloaming – 8 x 60 minute television drama series ($1 000 000)

[Funded by the Screen Innovation Fund]

Production Company: The Two Jons Pty Ltd/Sweet Potato Films Pty Ltd
Marketplace: Stan/ABC International
Executive Producers: Jon Adgemis, Nick Forward, Micahel Gudinski, Kebi Lee, Greg McLean
Producers: Vicki Madden, Fiona McConaghy, John Molloy
Writer: Vicki Madden
Directors: Michael Rymer, Greg McLean, Sian Davies

The Gloaming is complex drama entwining three narrative strands. Firstly, it is a character-driven story about two past lovers that must overcome a tragedy and betrayal to work together. The crime story provides the spine of the series; a murder that leads our detectives to the past and a crime within a crime with sinister consequences. Then, sitting alongside these lines is a social commentary touching on a housing crisis and social marginalisation, issues affecting not just Tasmania but societies all around the world. These threads of character, crime and society combine to make for a rich, compelling, and haunting story with contemporary and universal relevance.

Aussie Lobster Men – 10 x 60 minute television documentary series ($200 000)

[Funded by the Screen Innovation Fund]

Production Company: Fredbird Entertainment, in association with Winning Post Productions
Broadcast: 7Mate, TBC 2019
Sales: TCB Media Rights
Executive Producer: Craig Graham
Series Producer: Celia Boden
Series Director: Liam Taylor

Aussie Lobster Men follows the real-life dramas of six lobster boat captains as they risk it all in search of the world’s most prized seafood delicacy, the Tasmanian Rock Lobster. Against a backdrop of treacherous weather and fierce currents, crews work night and day to haul hundreds of kilos of lobsters across slippery decks. At sea, even a minor problem can turn deadly in a matter of moments and the nearest port is often hundreds of nautical miles away. Medical emergencies, mechanical failure, storms and underwater predators all serve as adversaries. And then there’s the emotional arch to the partners and children back at home. If a captain gets it right, he can improve the welfare of his family in a matter of weeks. But get it wrong and he can lose it all.

Project Planet – documentary series ($40 000)

Production Company: Emerald Films Pty Ltd
Broadcast: ABCMe
Executive Producers: Sally Browning, Renee Kennedy

Three young adults from three diverse school classrooms around the country take on the challenge with their peers to make instant and dramatic changes to their lives and their communities.