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Dramatic Flare - short-form drama workshop

Dramatic Flare - short-form drama workshop

Screen Tasmania is proud to announce Dramatic Flare, a workshop for short-form drama series in Hobart on 28-29 November.

The workshop is divided into three sections:

Episode 1, 28 November, 9am-12.30pm (for all applicants)

  • The Money - Screen Australia's Online Production team, Lee Naimo and Alyce Adams, will outline the current market and funding opportunities for short-form drama series
  • Tale of 'The Tailings' - Emmy-nominated screenwriting doyenne Liz Doran and emerging Tasmanian writer Caitlin Richardson will outline the process of developing their short-form drama The Tailings with the financial support of a broadcaster and a funding agency
  • Starting From What? - Julie Kalceff will present a case study on developing and producing the world-wide smash hit Starting From Now

Episode 2, 28 November, 1.30pm-5pm (for selected teams)

  • Pitch Meetings: Our industry experts will take 30-minute one-on-one pitch meetings with selected teams to help them craft their pitches and projects

Episode 3, 29 November, 9am-5pm (up to 6 selected teams)

  • Masterclass: Julie Kalceff will run an exclusive full-day masterclass on writing short-form drama for up to 6 selected teams.

Applications are now being accepted until Monday, 18 November.

Application process

If you wish to be considered for the pitch meetings and masterclass, you must apply as a team with a project, with a two-page pitch document. For those only wishing to attend Episode 1, you can apply as an individual without a project, and all eligible applicants will be accepted (subject to capacity).

Teams will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • The skills and experience of the creative team
  • The strength and quality of the material provided, and
  • The likelihood of the project advancing into production engaging an audience online

The number of teams selected for pitching meetings in Episode 2 will be dependent on the number of pitching sessions available (approximately 10-15).

Up to 6 teams will be selected for Episode 3.

Apply now