November 2002
November 2002

Funding Approvals - November 2002

Industry and Cultural Development

  • A grant of $5,000 to the Australian International Documentary Conference (Byron Bay, February 2003). This conference is the key national forum and market for documentary production, a key area for many Tasmanian practitioners.
  • A grant of $4,000 to W4C — The Creative Web Conference. The conference provided information and practical advice to filmmakers, web developers and multimedia practitioners on key areas of media convergence and opportunities provided by developments in web-based media technologies.
  • A loan of $13,500 to enable Roar Film Pty Ltd to develop and implement strategies to achieve sales of the Tragedy and Myth of the Tasmanian Tiger CD ROM .
  • A grant of $4,000 to Blue Rocket Productions to assist with travel to MIPCOM 2002.
  • A grant of $4,000 to Seed Willow Films to assist with travel to MIPCOM 2002.
  • A grant of $4,000 to Paul Scott Films to assist with travel to Wildscreen 2002.
  • A grant of $1500 to Blue Rocket Productions to attend to the Screen Producers Association of Australia (SPAA) conference.
  • A grant of $500 to Andy Wilson to attend SPAA Fringe.
  • A grant of $500 to Fleur Nelson to undertake marketing and promotion of her short film At the End of the Line.
  • A grant of $21,140 to Ian Pidd for Pocket Maxis and Dusk Drive, a program of intensive workshops for new filmmakers and screening of their works.
  • A grant of $5,905 to Robyn Brake to stage the Hobart screening of Tropfest, a national short film festival.
  • A grant of $4,753.92 to enable cinematographer Joe Shemesh to undertake a professional attachment with natural history documentary cinematographer Wade Fairley.

Script Development

  • An investment of $10,000 to enable Willie Simpson to engage a script editor and complete a second draft of his feature script Rank Outsider. A broken down jockey with a bad back gets a second shot at the big time but then the ghosts of his past catch up with him.
  • An investment of $5,000 to enable David Biggs to engage a script consultant and complete a second draft of his feature script Dead Man's Ridge, a Gothic adventure of love and greed among the inhabitants of a remote mining community.
  • An investment of $15,000 to enable Vincent Ward to complete a third draft of his feature script Hannah and Rebecca (aka Ambergris). Set in the wilds of Tasmania during the 1880s, this is the story of two young girls whose lives are forever changed by their mysterious bond with an animal.

Documentary and Major Projects

  • An investment of $5,000 to Bev Jefferson to enable further development of her documentary project Sodoms Isle, which explores the criminalisation of homosexuality in Van Diemens Land and the decriminalisation and reform campaigns of the 80s and 90s.
  • An investment of $10,000 to Madeline Carr and David Noakes to enable them to develop their documentary The Night the Bridge Came Down, the story of the night the Lake Illawarra crashed into the Tasman Bridge in Hobart told through the experiences of people who were there.
  • An investment of $15,000 to Julie Marlow to enable further development of Van Diemens Land, a spectacular large format film about Tasmania's unique history.
  • An investment of $15,000 to Hilton Cordell Productions to enable further development of their seven-part television series Transported, a 'living history' in which 21st Century descendants of the first convicts and free settlers to Australia re-trace and re-live the experiences of their ancestors.






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