June 2006
June 2006

Funding Approvals - June 2006

Feature Film Script Development

An investment of $12,000 to Belinda Bradley and Franz Docherty to develop the next draft of their screenplay Thunder. Alan Miller, a former detective and grieving husband, has no interest in air guitar but it is about to drag him out of the past and into the present to heal the rift with his son.

Major Projects

An investment of $19,500 to Marian Macgowan to support the development of ther project South Solitary. The year is 1928 and the setting is South Solitary island off the coast of Tasmania. Meredith Appleton, 33, arrives with her uncle and finds romance counter-balanced with the need for companionship.


An investment of $15,000 to Melinda Standish to assist with development of her project Aurora's Gaze. The untold story of Henry Parkes 1815-1896, colonial statesman and father of federation.

An investment of $62,400 to Troy Melville to assist with production of his project Whale Rescue. 80% of Australian whale strandings occur on Tasmania's rugged coasts. Committed volunteers and professionals work to rescue the whales. This will be an insider's account of this challenging and emotional work.

An investment of $80,000 to Varcha Sidwell to assist with production of her project The Abbey. Reality style show where 5 women enter the world of the Abbey for 40 days.

An investment of $14,550 to Steve Thomas and Kath Symmons to assist with development of their project Real Life Heroes. Building on the success of Real Life Water Rats, a twelve part series about real life fire-fighters, wilderness rangers and paramedics working in Tasmania.

An investment of $15,000 to Varcha Sidwell to assist with development of her project Negotiators. A series about the life and death work of Tasmania's Police negotiators.

An investment of $25,000 to Steve Thomas to assist with development of his project Someone's Daughter. A film about the hidden victims of murder.




















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