2017-2018 Financial Year
2017-2018 Financial Year


15 December 2017 

Screen Tasmania invested $63 000 development investment in five projects. This funding will directly generate a further $26 000 in marketplace development investment in these Tasmanian projects.

Project: The Gloaming

Format: 8 x 60 min television drama series

Producer: Sweet Potato Films, 2 JONS & M4 Entertainment Pty Ltd

Writer/Producer: Vicki Madden

Producer: John Molloy​

Screen Tasmania investment: $20 000

Broadcaster development investment: Stan.

Synopsis: It is 20 odd years since a crazed gunman went on a rampage at Port Arthur in Tasmania. Two detectives, once teenage lovers, share an unspeakable link to that horrific event and now, after all this time, must work together to solve another horrific crime that will take them all the way back to the past they seem unable to shake.

Project: The Tailings

Format: 10 x 10 min online web series

Writer: Caitlyn Richardson

Story Consultant: Liz Doran

Screen Tasmania investment: $6 000

Broadcaster development investment: SBS Australia​

Synopsis: The Tailings is a ten x ten minute web series. It is a Tasmanian drama based around a small isolated school. Set in Tasmania's remote west, the series follows Jade, a naive first-year teacher who arrives in town to find a community reeling from a fatal mining accident. Against the backdrop of a young female teacher's daily roller-coaster, the series follows the aftermath of the accident and the divisive, destructive ripples that it creates.

Project: Tartarus

Format: 60 minute television documentary

Producer: Steve Thomas (Roar Film)

Writer/Director: Fraser Johnston​

Screen Tasmania Investment: $8 000

Broadcaster letter of interest: National Geographic Australia

Synopsis: Tasmania is a dark and beautiful place. The Florentine Valley is famous for its huge trees and pristine forests but few people realise that beneath these forests is one of the great cave systems on earth: The Junee Florentine. This film is about the men and women who for six decades have explored this vast system of passages in the hope of finding the Junee Florentine Master Cave – the one cave that connects them all.

Project: The Hurricane and the Fly

Format: feature film

Producer: Nick Batzias (Madman Films​)

Writer/Director: Daniel Peek

Script Editor: Veronica Nadine Gleeson​

Screen Tasmania investment: $14 000

Marketplace Interest: Madman Distribution

Synopsis: Policeman Eddie Jones, husband and reluctant soon-to-be father, rides up into a remote mountain range in search of two boys who’ve witnessed a murder. When Eddie arrives, the boys ambush him and take him hostage. As the boys drag Eddie through a vast wilderness and a community on its fringes, a bond is slowly formed, all the while the road inevitably shortens for the boys. Eddie must choose between the law and learning to be a ‘father’ to these boys.

Project: Party Crashers

Format: couch-play game

Producers: Ian Lewis, Kristy de Salas (Giant Margarita)

Lead Developer: Lindsay Wells  

Screen Tasmania investment: $15 000

Synopsis: Party Crashers is a last-car-standing combat racer for one to eight players! Following in the footsteps of Party Golf, it aims to provide the same fast-paced crazy customisable competitive couch-play, with options for everything our player community can think of, combined together however they can. In choosing to do something so similar to Party Golf, we are trying to build on our strengths, reduce our risk, and establish a brand.

17 August 2017 (out of round)

Production Investment

Project name:   Food Lab 2
Applicant:         Cultivate Productions Pty Ltd
Type:                65 x 30 min cooking and lifestyle television series
Amount:           $85 000

Project Development

Project name:   Lambs of God
Applicant:         Lingo Productions Pty Ltd
Type:                4 x 60min drama television mini series
Amount:           $50 000

22 September 2017 (out of round)

Production Investment

Project name:   The Advocate
Applicant:         Wonderland Film and Theatre Productions Pty Ltd
Type:                6 x 48min true crime television series
Amount:           $100 000

Project Development

Project name:   Big Fish
Applicant:         One Stone Pictures Pty Ltd
Type:                6 x 10min comedy web series
Amount:           $10 000

Project name:   The Motel at the End of the World
Applicant:         Rummin Productions Pty Ltd
Type:                Drama
Amount:           $14 000

Project name:   The Blue Tier
Applicant:         Sweet Potato Films Pty Ltd
Type:                10 x 60 min Factual Television Series
Amount:           $14 000

Project name:   The Fat Detective
Applicant:         Matchbox Productions Pty Ltd
Type:                6 x 30min Television Comedy Series
Amount:           $15 000

Project name:   Dark Water
Applicant:         Inflatable Boats Tasmania Pty Ltd
Type:                4 x 60 min Sports Documentary Television Series
Amount:           $15 000


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