2014-2015 Financial Year
2014-2015 Financial Year

1 August 2014

Digital Innovation

Project Name: American Burger
Applicant: Rogan Brown
Type: Digital Media Fund
Funding: $5 000

Project Name: A Magnificent Seven
Applicant: Roar Film
Type: Digital Media Fund
Funding: $15 000

Project Development

Project Name: Tasmania
Applicant: Essential Media and Entertainment
Type: Television Development Fund
Funding: $15 000

Industry and Enterprise Development

silverScreen Recipients 2014-16
Vivien Mason
Carmen Falk

Festivals and Events

Project Name: Australian Directors Guild - Directors on Directing Event
Applicant: Australian Directors Guild
Type: Festival and Events Fund
Funding: $3 040

Project Name: Australian Writers Guild - series of events
Applicant: Australian Writers Guild
Type: Festivals and Events Fund
Funding: $10 000

13 November 2014 (Out of Round)

Production Investment

Project Name: Fanshaw and Crudnut
Applicant: Beyond International
Type: Production Investment Fund
Funding: $300 000

Project Name: Bespoke
Applicant: Bespoke Productions
Type: Production Investment Fund
Funding: $40 000

Project Name: Thylacine Research Unit
Applicant: Roar Film
Type: Production Investment Fund
Funding: $60 000

12 December 2014

Project Development

Project Name: Rosehaven
Applicant: Guesswork Television
Type: Television Development Fund
Funding: $19 850

Festivals and Events

Project Name: Flickerfest Tasmanian Tour 2015
Applicant: Flickerfest
Type: Festival and Events Fund
Funding: $5 500


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