Our mission

  • To act as a central hub for the industry, facilitate a business-enabling environment, drive strategic growth, respond to opportunities in the marketplace, and capitalise on a rapidly changing media environment.

Our vision

  • Screen Tasmania and the industry working together fostering Tasmanian talent and stories to strengthen an enterprising and innovative screen industry that contributes to a vibrant cultural life.

Our values

  • We are passionate, professional and committed.
  • We embrace bold visions and innovative ideas.
  • We celebrate and reward success.
  • We are approachable, flexible and strategic in our support of the Tasmanian screen industry.

Our objectives

  • Quality and innovation – to position Tasmania as a centre for the creation of quality screen content, using innovative methods of production and delivery.
  • Growth and sustainability – to offer a business-enabling environment that provides competitive opportunities for growth in the screen industry.
  • Promotion and participation – to engage Tasmanian audiences and contribute to building the state’s profile nationally and internationally.
  • Performance and accountability – to operate transparently and effectively in relation to key stakeholders and the public interest, increasing stakeholder satisfaction with our performance.

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