Tim Ferguson Brings The Secrets Of Comedy Writing To Tasmania
Tim Ferguson Brings The Secrets Of Comedy Writing To Tasmania

Tim Ferguson Brings The Secrets Of Comedy Writing To Tasmania

Do you have an idea for a Sitcom but don’t know where to start? Do you want to write a comedy Feature Film? Do you want to be a comedian?
World-renowned comedian, writer and producer, Tim Ferguson (Doug Anthony Allstars, Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush) is bringing his acclaimed two-day comedy-writing Masterclass to Tasmania.

Many writers struggle with comedy, yet it’s a necessary skill for all writers. Until now, it has been almost impossible for Australian writers to gain knowledge and experience in comedy writing for performance and screen. “Despite what you might think, comedy is a craft you can learn,” explains Tim. “This course lifts the veil on the world’s most popular genre for stage, film and TV.”

This unique comedy-writing Masterclass reveals the secrets of the comedy trade. Tim shows how to write jokes and funny dialogue; build comic characters; structure funny stories; and pitch concepts to the local and world market.
In a competitive industry, the Masterclass offers screenwriters an income beyond drama-writing. “Comedy pays better,” says Tim, “and it’s more fun.”


Contradicting the old dictum that “those who can’t do, teach”, Tim is well placed to teach comedy, having toured the world performing stand-up comedy, writing and producing sitcoms and writing dozens of live stage comedy shows and TV light entertainment programmes. He has worked extensively in Britain on Channel 4, ITV and the BBC (Friday Night Live, Viva Cabaret, DAAS Love, Paul McCarthy Show, 01 For London) and has co-written Aussie sitcoms including Shock Jock, Daas Kapital,and forgettherules. In 2010, Tim hosted With Tim Ferguson, a new political satire programme on digital Channel 31.

Tim is the author of The Cheeky Monkey – Writing Narrative Comedy (Currency Press), a “must have” comedy manual for any aspiring comedian or screenwriter. Tim lectures in narrative comedy and screenwriting at the RMIT School of Media & Communication and since 2007 has taught narrative comedy as part of the RMIT University Professional Screenwriting Adv. Diploma. Tim also regularly conducts comedy writing workshops for AFTRS, the VCA and the Australian Writers Guild. In 2010, Tim was awarded the RMIT University Outstanding Sessional Teacher Award.

Tim says: “As the nation’s foremost narrative comedy teacher, I am on a mission to increase Australian writers‟ awareness of the craft‟s principles. As narrative comedy is the one of the world’s most popular and creatively challenging genres, it deserves to be a part of Australian screenwriters “toolkits.”

16 & 17 April, 9:00am – 5:00pm, Salamanca Arts Centre, 77 Salamanca Place, Hobart
BOOKINGS: www.iclaudiusworkshops.com

Tim Ferguson’s website is at cheekymonkeycomedy.com

‘There are Masterclasses and there are Masterclasses. Then there is Tim Ferguson’s PhD in Comedy Class… It was just a wonderful five-star experience from start to finish – and yes, it is ‘ha-ha’ hilarious.’ Dr. Patrick Maher, Ex-Chairman, WA Writers Guild

‘So many light bulb moments, I had to put on sunglasses. This course is revolutionary – a whole new way to look at comedy.’ Leisl Egan, Television Writer

‘It’s like a Jedi course for comedy’ May Yeung, Screenwriter

Catherine Leos, iClaudius Workshops
M: 0413 378 140 E: iclaudiusworkshops@gmail.com


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